Thursday, 3 March 2011

Review : Eco Tools BAMBOO 6 piece Brush Set

These are the first brushes I have ever bought. I went into the drugstore hoping to find affordable but quality brushes but was disappointed by the lack of selection. Basically, there are almost no makeup brushes sold in any drugstore where I live. We don’t have Sally’s or Ulta around here (bummer! I really want to go there), therefore drugstore is my only option other than high end. (unless I buy online of course, which I will talk about more later!)

Since I simply can't afford high end brushes, I had to stick with the drugstore’s lame offerings. I found this set retailing for about 20 $ CAD. At first, I wasn’t particularly attracted by it. I wanted something a little bit more professionnal looking, and was mainly intrested in eye brushes. Since this set combines both face and eye brushes, I felt like I would be paying for brushes I wouldn't even be using!

I ended up buying the set anyway since the girl at the cosmetic counter recommended it and the quality seemed much better than the Personelle brand (the in-house brand of the drugstore I go to) which were outrageously expensive. 7$ for one flimsy looking, not very defined and scratchy brush? No thanks!

Despite my first impression about the set, as soon as I opened up the package and started playing around with these brushes, I was in love! I love their ecological concept and the bristles, while synthetic , are incredibly soft! The handles are made of bamboo, a very sustainable resource and the ferrule is recycled aluminum. Even the brush roll that comes with the set is eco-friendly! It’s made out of natural hemp and cotton.

As for the brushes themselves, I love some of them a little more than the others. I’ll describe each individual brushes and explain why that is. I’ll describe each brush from left to right on the picture bellow.

Blush brush :
I use this for blush, powder and bronzer ( I hear a flat top brush is nicer for bronzer, but I don’t own one yet). It is incredibly soft, probably the softest of the set. The bristles are dense and do not shed. I have had this set for over a year now and none of the brushes have shed on me! Fantastic, right? This brush picks up color well and applies evenly. I have to say, I think this is my favourite brush of this set ♥ I use it for everything!

Concealer brush :
This is one of the brushes I like the least of the set. It’s a very soft and dense brush, but I cannot seem to find a way to use it properly. It applies my concealer unevenly which results in a streaky cakey finish. It does an average job of concealing blemishes, but it doesn’t work well under my eyes. I barely ever reach for this brush anymore, my fingers or cosmetic sponges are much more effective.

Eye shading brush :
This flat shader brush is excellent for packing up the color onto the lid. It works very well for both dry and wet applications and distributes the color very evenly. Again, the bristles are densely packed and very soft. I have not experienced any shedding with this brush and it seems to hold up to time very well.

Eye liner brush :
This angled eye liner brush I cannot live without! I use this to apply gel liner. It’s sturdy enough so that it doesn't bend during application, but not overly so that you cannot control the line you get. It can make thick or thin lines (for a natural look, press the brush along the lash line instead of sliding the brush when applying ♥) and works great for flicking out the liner. This brush is an all-around favourite; I use it every day!

Lash & brow groomer:
I’m not a big fan of this. If find the plastic teeth to be quite flimsy (I’ve only reached for this a couple of times and some of them are already crooked!) and not very effective at grooming my eyelashes. I prefer using a spoolie for that. The brow groomer, on the other hand, is quite handy to brush out my eyebrows after I fill them in. It gives me a natural, groomed effect which I really like. However, it does nothing that a spoolie couldn’t also do. I would say this brush is a nice addition to my collection but by all means not a must-have!

I have loved this set so much that I also purchased the eye set rencently (this one was about 15$ CAD, I've reviewed it briefly in my February favorites post!).

Now I really want the 5 piece brush set, the one that has the baby kabuki and the mineral powder brush in it! What do you think of Eco Tools brush sets?

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