Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Current obsession : Lip balms

If you've read my latest drugstore Haul post, you probably remember that I just got a Blistex lipbalm trio. You'd think I'd have enough for a while now.... BUT I came across a really sweet stach of Blistex assorted balms for 10$ at Costco and I simply couldn't pass it up!

I love lip balms ♥ I have no clue what I would do without it!

This set came with 2 medicamented balms, one in a jar, the other in a stick. One organic balm in a tube, a backup of my favorite raspberry lemonade stick balm and and a special lip massage balm which is designed to remove rough spots on the lips. It also came with a sample size of hand cream.

The lip massage one is unlinke anything I have ever seen before look :

The tip is some kind of textured hard rubber and when you twist a clear gel comes out. Cool right? I'm not sure whether it works yet, but I'll keep trying it out! The texture seems to be similar to Vaseline and it leave a tingling sensation on the lips ♥

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