Thursday, 10 November 2011

Silver, white and blue christmas tree!

I've wanted my own Christmas tree ever since I moved on my own. I haven't had the chance to have one for years since there wasn't any space in previous apartments. This year I was determined to buy one and our new car made that easy!

I don't have that many decorations for it yet, I already had some unbreakable blue, silver and white Christmas ornaments and some snow flakes so I got just one more kit of blue ornaments and the tree which included the blue lights!

The three with the lights on
It's my first time decorating a Christmas tree on my own, I'm pretty happy with the results :D I think there's a bit missing though and I might go out and buy a blue or silver garland and some blue and white candy canes! What do you all think I should add? 

The three with the lights off

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  1. I use blue or silver ribbon as garland and it really looks good!

  2. I bet that looks amazing! I was looking into garland ideas, so I might try this out :) thanks for the idea

  3. Lovely tree! Blue and silver always makes the place look like a fairyland! If you're looking for some great blue/white linens to go with your theme, do check out our site. Have a great Christmas!



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