Friday, 11 November 2011

Beauty Haul : Coastal Scents, Walmart, drugstore

This is a collective haul of beauty products I've gotten over the past few weeks. I just received an order I placed on Coastal Scents' website a couple weeks ago, so I thought I would show you :)

I'm really excited by this, it's the 22 piece brush set! It pretty much has every single brush I wanted that I didn't already have, plus tons of eyeshadow backups for looks with multiple colors. I can't wait to start using it. (I need to wait for the brushes to dry, since I just washed them *impatient* )

This is what the brushes came in. Love this brush roll/case! It's light and really convenient :)
These are all the brushes included in the set, minus the fan brush which is further on the left in a separate compartment to keep it from getting squished by the other brushes. There is so many of them :D

So far, for the price I paid for the set (35$ + 9$ shipping), I'm really impressed. I've just washed them and none of them have shed or bled and all of them are super soft ♥

Up next is individual picture of all the brushes I most excited about. I took pictures of all of them, but since there's so many, it would be too long just to post them all! Tell me if you would like me to post a picture of one of the brushes in the set I didn't include!

This is an angled brush. You can use it for contouring (which I'm not really into) or for placing blush or bronzer. It's a little smaller than I expected, but the quality is great.
This fan brush is seriously large! I love it ♥ I was a little worried about this one since I read a comment on CS's page last week about the edges being a little rough, but mine is soft all over, phew!
This may very well be THE brush I've been looking foward to the most. I've been searching for a set including a flat top buffing brush forever, but sets never seem to include them! (probably because they tend to be pricier) When I saw the set had it, I had to get it :D It's dense and very soft. I can't wait to try it out.
This is another brush I really wanted! It's been on my wish list for over a year! Duo fiber brushes are great for any cream or liquid products such as foundation, or cream blush and bronzer. It's supposed to give you an airbrushed effect, which I'm hoping it will :P
This is a standard foundation brush. I didn't have one so I'm glad the set included one. It's super soft and just the right size.
This is a rounded crease brush. I didn't have any crease brushes that wasn't either a blending brush or angled so I can't wait to try this. I'm pretty sure it will be a lot more precise for placing colors in the crease.
I think this is supposed to be a blending brush. I love that it isn't so fluffy so that you can just blend a little without making the colors muddy.
This one is jut like the MAC 219 (at least the shape is the same from what I can tell of pictures - I don't own any MAC brushes so I might be wrong!)  It's not too flimsy so it gives great control for detail-work.

This is the rest of the products I purchased at various drugstores:

I've never really been into lip products before, but lately I've been experimenting! The two lipsticks are from Wet n Wild and were only 1.50$ each great deal :D The fuschia has a matte finish (and the color is awesome) and the pink is somewhat frosty. The gloss was 4.99$ and it's Hard Candy's Glossaholic in Tipsy. It's a huge lipgloss kind of like the MAC Wonderwomen collection's lipglosses. Anyhow, you get a lot of product for the money :D The flecks of glitter in it are beautiful! They really show up on your lips too ♥
All the nail polishes I got. From left to right : Wet n Wild - Burgundy Frost, L.A Colors - White and Wet n Wild - Puple Potion
I also got a sharpener with a large opening for my NYX jumbo pencils (mine were all flat), a glitter/cream shadow palette from the Wet n Wild Halloween collection and a NYX eyeliner in White.

Here's a close up of the lip gloss! Isn't the shimmer so pretty? I love it :D
The gloss over the pink lipstick

The gloss over the fuschia lipstick

That's all I got! Tell me what I should review next! :)

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  1. yep! The brush kit is amazing :D The more I use it, the more I love it ♥

    It's really cheap too for so many brushes :D

  2. cant wait to get mine arrive ><



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