Monday, 4 April 2011

Easy Nail Art : Silver and Blue

I made this super easy nail art today! I really have poor nail painting skills, so if I can do this, anyone can!

This is how I did it step by step ♥ I really love the outcome!

What you will need
(you could probably do this with any color combo! Today I chose blue)
Nail polish remover to clean up any mess, Glittery silver nail art polish, Blue polish, Glitter top coat, clear top coat, small brush or cotton swab for clean ups, orange stick or tooth pick, circle rhinestones

Step one
Paint your nails with the blue polish

Step two
Add one coat of the glitter top coat

Step three

With the nail art polish, draw two somewhat curvy horizontal stripes. They don't have to be perfectly parallel or anything.

Step four
Add a top coat. This will work as a glue for our rhinestones. Before it dries, dip your orange stick into a tiny bit of the top coat and use it to place three rhinestones between the two silver lines like shown.

You're done! Easy right?

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