Sunday, 27 July 2014

Korean Beauty Store Haul

As some of you might already know if you've read my last post, I found a Korean beauty store in my local china town. I'm really excited about this, I had no idea we had any! I was kind of overwhelmed by the discovery and I'm still doing the 10$/week budget for makeup so I didn't go too crazy, but I did pick up a few things! The makeup items will be included in my 10$/week budget which I will update you all on very soon!

  • Darkness lashes - They had a bunch of lashes at the store. They were only 4 to 5 $ a piece, really affordable! I haven't tried them yet since I don't have any lash glue on hand at the moment, but I'll update you all on what I think soon! :)
  • Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot in the color 01 by Tony Moly - the texture of this blush is crazy odd, but so far I'm loving this product! It's now in my makeup bag and I use it everyday. I think I'd like to pick up a few more colors and make a full review. Anyone interested?
  • Party Lover Liquid Eye Liner by Tony Moly - OMG this eyeliner! It's going into my monthly favorites for sure <3. I didn't know about the Tony Moly brand, but I'm mad impressed!
  • Nail polish remover - nothing too exciting, I needed some and I decided to try this one because it was cheap :)
  • Sheet masks - I'm so excited I finally got  my hands on sheet masks! I've seen people rave about them forever now. Can't wait to try them out <3

That's all I got at the Korean beauty shop but I'm saving my budget to go back and pick up some BB cream a glitter liner and a bunch more probably! Let me know if there are any Korean specific brands or products that I should try! Everything looks so cute and awesome :D

Sunday, 20 July 2014

China Town Food Haul

Hey all! So one of the things I like most about coming to Montreal is the China Town (the offerings are very limited in Quebec City). Because of that, every time I come I go a little nuts buying all the yummy food I can get my hands on. This time I found a Korean beauty store which I didn't know about so I decided to pick up a few beauty items as well. Those will be included in an upcoming haul, keep your eyes out for that one as well if you're interested!

  • Lichee flavoured coconut jelly - Anyone else tried those? They are yummy! <3
  • Tea flavoured drinks - One is jasmine (very mild tasting, but super healthy) and the other is peach :)
  • Shrimp crackers - omnomnom
  • Yan Yan snacks - These have been my favorites for years! They're great :D
  • Hello Panda cookies - Also a favourite
  • Green tea sponge cake - I got the at Harmonie bakery and engulfed the whole thing in one night ahah
  • Fortune cookies - Also from Harmonie bakery, they're the best fortune cookies I've had

I haven't done any food related posts in forever! I hope you enjoyed this one! Would any of you like to see a grocery haul or something? What other food-related posts would you like to see me make? Let me know in the comments <3

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mexico Vacation Recap

Hey everyone! I know I haven't been around much lately and I'm super sorry about it! I've been on vacation and right now I'm doing an internship in Montreal which means I haven't been home in over 3 weeks. I find it very hard to blog out here, but I'm trying to put a few things together for you all in the mean time.

I tought I would do a quick recap of my Mexico vacation first. We went for a week to Playa Del Carmen in an all inclusive resort. We don't usually enjoy resorts all that much, but this time we had lots of fun. We mainly wanted to rest and recuperate from the long school year so the choice was perfect for us.

The Rivera Maya drink, so yummy and really festive looking <3

Relaxing in the adult-only jetted pool. It was really worth getting the upgrade!

I really love this outfit! I got the shorts at Simons for 28$, great buy!

The resort we went to was an eco resort and there were tons of animals on the property. Look at this cute little fella :D

Loved the white sand beach <3

Enjoying drinks on the beach :) good times!

The adult-only pool was great :)

We went on 4 scuba dives during our one week stay. The diving in Riviera Maya is pretty expensive, but it was totally worth it! This is the dive shop where we booked our two cenote dives and the two beach dives (we saw sea turtles whooo!)

The view from behind the lobby bar. There was entertainment there at night :)

Hope you enjoyed these few pictures of my vacation to Mexico! It was a lot of fun and I would totally go back. I'm itching to go backpacking now though. As much as this vacation was relaxing, I'm ready for a bit more exploring and adventure now :D Hopefully I'll be able to go backpacking soon! I have a short roadtrip to the US planned or the end of the summer, which should be fun as well. Let me know if you'd like me to blog about it <3

Are you planning any vacation/trips in the future? Let me know! I'd love to know about it :)


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