Thursday, 10 March 2011

Today's lunch : Temakizushi!

For anyone who do not know, Temakizushi is basically the conical shaped kind of sushi, it's also often called hand roll in restaurants. I like making Temakizushi instead of the more traditionnal maki and nigiri for two reasons:

1) The preparation is much quicker and simpler (no rolling or cutting required which are very time consuming and also very messy).

2) It allows each person to choose their favorite combinations and to vary according to their taste. Also, if we don't finish everything I prepared, since it's not rolled into a maki, I can just put it away to use in another recipe later rather than having to throw it out. =D

In my opinion, it is THE best way to make sushi at home. I used to make makis and that would require anywhere between 2 and 3 hours of work for two people! I would also have to deal with heaps of dirty dishes afterwards. Not fun!

Now it only takes me about 15 minutes to prepare the ingredients and the rice is cooked while I prepare other ingredients (I make it in my rice cooker and that takes about 20 minutes). It's quick, easy and super convenient. It's my favorite meal to make!

I took the idea for temakizushi on this website : which I mentionned in an earlier blog post! I just love this site. This is also where I took my sushi rice recipe. It is the best recipe I have found so far, my rice is always perfect! ♥

Here is how I set up the table before we eat. We have got spicy mayo (I make this myself), panko (for the tempura-like texture), soy sauce, nori cut in squares, sesame seeds, surimi, cucumber, avocado and sushi rice. Yum!

And this is how I make them.

Place a small amount of sushi rice onto the nori.

Add the fillings in a diagonal line.

Bring both corners to the middle to create a conical shape. Dip in soy sauce and enjoy! ♥

We didn't have any that time, but I also like to use smoked salmon, Masago (a kind of caviar), and fresh raw salmon!

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