Monday, 21 March 2011

My favourite TV series

Ever since I’ve started Cegep, I haven’t had time to go out very much. Anytime I had some time off, it wasn’t long enough that I could undertake much of anything at all. Even though I didn’t have time to go out, I needed some distractions to take my mind off of school. That’s when I started watching tv series.
I soon became addicted to watching all kinds of series and searching for new ones. I used to think series were all cheesy and that I wouldn’t like them. Well, I was very wrong! I’ve discovered many great tv series which are not only entertaining, but really well written and interesting.

Since I always like to discover new series, I’ve decided to compile a list of all my favourite shows, in no particular order. Maybe it’ll make you find something you didn’t know and will enjoy, who knows =p

And do not hesitate to recommend your favourites in the comments, I would love to know what you guys watch ♥

- True blood

- The vampire diairies

- Lost

- Heroes

- Scrubs

- Grey’s anatomy

- Dr. House

- The big bang theory

- How I met your mother

Can you tell I love making lists yet? Ahah, I don’t know why, but I find them very satisfying. I am the only one?

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