Sunday, 6 March 2011

A morning in Chinatown ♥

My boyfriend and I both had a day off today so we decided to go to chinatown for some shopping and noms! We had a great time and picked up tons of goodies! I love how everything (food-wise) in chinatown is much cheaper than everywhere else. I got a huge pouch of Japanese rice for only 6.50$ =D I normally pay 10$ for the same amount at the grocery store. If you take into consideration that everything I buy there is discounted, it adds up to quite a good amount of savings! Plus, most things are hard to find at the store anyway.

First, we went to a cute shop hidden on the second floor of a non descript building. I can’t remember how I discovered this place, but I doubt I would have on my own. The entrance is practically hidden. Every time I go to china town I go there and pick up some Yan Yan and some origami paper to make stars! They have the cutest little things ♥ pens, papers, mangas, posters, wallets, etc. I have to keep myself from spending a fortune =p

The picture is a little bit blurry but these are origami papers made for making little 3D stars. These are hello kitty and shimmery... pretty =o

Yummy Yan Yan! Strawberry and chocolate. I have never tried the strawberry cream yet, I can't wait =D

Then, we went to the grocery store to pick up some of our favourites

This is all the baking/meal things that I got. Some bok choy, short grain rice, veggie dumplings (which we ended up hating :S) and imitation crab legs (surimi). I bought two packs of those crab legs because they were so inexpensive. You can't tell in the picture, but on the price tag it says 2.99$. Awesome deal =D

These are all the treats I bought today; I bought 2 packs of shrimp chips, some strawberry and chocolate Yan Yan, a pack of lychee jellies and mini cupcakes. ♥

Finally, we went to our favourite asian bakery Harmonie.This place is absolutely fabulous =3

I’ve discovered this bakery through my brother about a year ago. He loves to hang out in chinatown and buy all the anime stuff he can find XD

Harmonie bakery make really tasty and super cheap pastries, savory ones and sweet ones alike ♥ I haven't seen many savory pastries in bakery shops before, but I love them! The prices are really reasonable (we bought 3 pastries for 3.60$ recently, incredible!) and they also have really tasty bubble teas. This time we went a little crazy and ended up paying 16$ for the two of us. That included 2 bubble teas, 1 package of mini cupcakes and 5 pastries. I think it’s an amazing deal! We kept the cupcakes for later because we were stuffed =)

Those are all of the savory pastries we got

The mini cupcakes were only 3$ ♥ and they're delicious

Garlic bread, yum! The garlic taste is very strong, if you like garlic, this is heaven.

My tuna pastry

That's what the tuna pastry looks like inside. It's the second time I purchase this because it's really good =D

My sausage pastry was very tasty as well. The dough is a little sweeter than you would expect, but it balances out the saltyness of the sausage nicely.

This is my boyfriend's ham and egg pastry, I tried it and it was amazing! It pretty much tastes exactly how you'd expect an ham and egg pastry to taste, but that's a good thing =p

And that's the inside of it. I love this shot!

My boyfriend also chooe this mayo and sausage one. Didn't get to taste it but it looked good.

We picked up two peach bubble teas as well ♥ What are your favorite flavors? Mine are peach, pineapple and green apple!

So that was our morning in chinatown =D it was so much fun!

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