Monday, 28 February 2011

February 2011 favorites

Here are my favourites of the month! Basically, what I have been reaching for almost every single day and loving! What are your favourites this month?


Bonnebell eye definer eye liner in midnight bark
I really enjoy a good, but inexpensive brown eye liner. I usually reach from browns rather than black because black is too harsh for my skin tone. Unfortunately, I can’t afford high end brand like the super creamy and durable Urban decay liners, but I find that this eye liner while only setting you back of a mere 1.50$ does the job perfectly. It’s creamy enough so that you do not have to press hard to apply it (which is a very common thing with drugstore/cheap eyeliners) and the pigmentation is pretty good.

Elf brightening eye pot #90929
This eye shadow came with a kit, with another eye shadow that looks practically the same and a beige color (mine broke off within a week for some reason). It has a nice pigmentation and a little bit of glitter. I love to use this to darken up my crease! Be careful though, it has a lot of fallout, make sure to tap off any excess on your brush before applying this.

I’ve been wearing this color as an all over the lid color for months now. It brightens up my eyes without looking overdone. A perfect everyday color in my opinion.

Couleurs nature fresh eye shadow stick in eternal snow
I got this at Yves Rocher years ago and I have been using it ever since. It’s great for a natural highlight or a an eye shadow base.

Sephora mascara
I got this sample mascara in the Sephora beauty insider birthday gift set this year. It came with a eyeliner and a shimmery white shadow. I’m almost out of it as I’ve been wearing pretty much only this for the past couple of months! It gives me a decent amount of volume without looking unnatural. I might look into purchasing the full size one day. For now though, I want to experiment more with drugstore mascaras. Every mascara seem to have either a synthetic rubber brush or a HUGE brush these days. I’m not a fan of that. It makes it hard for me to apply it. This mascara has a medium sized brush and I really enjoy that. I hope to find something similar for the drugstore. Any suggestions?


L.A colors Art deco nail art laquer in silver glitter
I just bought this recently and I cannot get enough of it! The brush isn’t as fine as other nail art polishes I have seen though, so I wouldn’t recommend this for precision work. The polish is also very gritty because of the glitter and hard to remove, but I enjoy adding glitter to my nail art so much that it doesn’t bother me! I’m planning on getting more colors soon.

N.Y.C Long wearing nail enamel in clear
High shine, dries quickly. The formula isn’t too runny of gloopy and I’ve had this for years! An all around favourite of mine when I want to quickly make my nails look clean and tidy without adding color.


This set of 5 make up brushes focuses on eye brushes. It has a small detail brush which I use for the inner corner and the lower lash line, a flat shading brush, a blending brush, an angled blending brush and a large flat shading brush. All of these are very small, only about 3 inches long and come in a hemp brush roll with a mirror. They are perfect for traveling and their short length allows great precision. I actually quite enjoy that they are so small! Also, the Eco tools line uses recycled materials and synthetic fibres, so they are sustainable and cruelty free, a definite plus in my opinion. I also forgot to mention that these brushes are all incredibly soft! Incredible quality for the price. I also have the face brush set and I want to purchase the mineral set soon. Anyone else is a fan of Eco tools brushes?


St. Yves 24 hour moisture advanced body moisturizer
This is a travel size bottle which I got at the dollar store. It’s my second bottle already and even though it runs out quickly because of the size, I prefer to pick up the travel size! It fits perfectly into my purse so I can reapply anytime I need it. Over here, in Montréal, the temperature during the winter can reach -30 degrees Celsius, so my hands are constantly super dry. This hand cream is my favourite so far. I’m not too fond of the smell though, so tell me your favourites so I can try them out!


This is a hair shine spray which I use mainly on the ends of my hair. I haven’t got a trim in a long time and my hair is very damaged and dry. This helps me control it while adding a much needed shine to my dull, dry ends.

To me, shampoos do not seem to make much of a difference in my hair. While some brands make my hair greasy, most brands work about the same on my hair. I love this because of the scent! It smells sweet and tropical and reminds me of summer. It feels amazing when there is three feet of snow outside to have a little reminder of what’s coming up in the next months! As for the conditioner, it helps make my ends less dry and also smells super yummy! (not exactly the same scent as the shampoo though). What I absolutely love about it is the consistency. It’s very thick so I can slather my hair with it without having it drip everywhere and waste half of the product. These are also very inexpensive, perfect for my student budget.


I was very sceptical at first when my boyfriend encouraged me to try these, but they are so yummy! I could eat a whole bag in one sitting =S

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