Saturday, 5 March 2011

What's in my purse?

I love to watch what’s in my purse videos on youtube ♥ It’s fun to see what other girls carry around and what is essential to them. I’ve recently found a picture version of this and I’ve spent lots of time checking out tons of photos of girls bags XD

I thought I would join in on the fun and make my own! Here what’s in my purse lately:

1) The purse I’m currently using, my beloved hello kitty bag ♥

3) A cute pouch for my DS (I got that at Otakuthon last year, it’s so cute =3 )

5) A reusable hello kitty bag (I use that for groceries! I always forget my grocery bags so I keep this one in my purse, it doesn’t hold much but it’s adorable and handy =D )

6) Pink polka dot pouch for feminine stuff XD

7) Spare batteries for my camera

8) Earphones for my Ipod

9) My Ipod touch with its hello kitty cover (look at the rainbow effect the flash picked on, isn’t that sweet?)

10) Travel sized hand cream

11) Berry scented hand sanitizer

12) Eye drops because I have allergies

13) Cute baby blue pouch with hair ties inside

14) A kitty pocket mirror

15) Pink pouch for my makeup

16) A Estée Lauder Eye shadow duo

19) 2 Tea bags (odd, I know =p)

20) Brown pencil eye liner

21) Sephora mascara sample

22) My old phone who doesn’t work most of the time

23) My camera in its pouch

24) Blue wallet for my change that my younger brother gave me for Christmas. It's so cute =D

25) My favourite chapstick at the moment ♥ it tastes amazing!

26) A pen

27) My adorable Pikachu wallet (picked that up at Otakuthon too =D )

So that’s all I have in my purse, it generally quite packed! Sometimes if I’m not going very far I just keep my keys and cards in the pockets of my jacket and use only that!
What’s in your purse?

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