Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fashion fave : asian fashion

There is something about asian fashion that I cannot get enough of! Everything is so cute, the textures, the colors the cuts. I just love it so much! ♥ In fact, since I have discovered it, every time I go out shopping nothing inspires me!

I really want to order from an online korean or japanese fashion store! Most of the time, the clothes are cheap and really cute! One thing I'm concerned about though is the sizing. Most asian are quite petite and I, being 5'6, am afraid that most things would be too short! Anyone has experience with online shopping at asian clothing stores?

Here are some of the looks that really inspire me ♥

If you have any online store suggestions please let me know!

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  1. Asian fashion is great!!! :D I'm about 171cm which I think is around 5"6 so you really need to be careful when buying from asian stores, especially for tops and dress: make sure it's long enough! Also, I recommend you avoid wholesale chinese online shops; often, their design are appealing but the price and the shipping are not worth it as the quality is often reallllly low. So far, one of my favourite website for online shopping as been Yumetembou, it's a bit expensive (although cheap when compared to high end gyaru brands!!) but the quality is good and the lenght of their items is quite good for tall girls!! Have fun shopping!!



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