Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My favorite chapsticks

I have the worst problem with chapped lips. While some people get them mostly during the winter,I get them year round. Not only do I have them all the time, but my chapped lips are quite severe. Basically, if I do not wear chapstick almost 24/7, my lips get so dry, they crack and bleed and to top it off, it hurts. Not a pretty sight, trust me.
So I have tried quite a few different chapsticks in the past years, in search for the perfect lip balm to help me with this very annoying issue. What I look for in a lip balm : a good texture, not too thick, but not so thin that it does not last, a good smell (and flavour is always appreciated), durability and moisture.

I’ve complied this small list of some of the best lip balms I have tried recently and why I love them!

I’ve found this one very recently and I cannot believe I hadn’t given it a try before! My usual two pick favourites where 5$ each (and only last me about a month) which I simply could not justify paying. I decided to try something new. I just picked up the cheapest one, hoping it wouldn’t be too bad. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it not only had a yummy lemonade smell , but it also tasted like it! I love the fact that my lips taste sweet all the time with this product. Also, the balm is not too thick (unlike the lypsil brand kind of lip balm) so it feels nice on my lips. It lasts a reasonable amount of time too. Finally, the last criteria, but the the least , moisture is more than well fulfilled. My lips feel smooth and soft. I just love this lip balm!

This is my go to lip balm, I love the smell, the thin texture (although it could almost be a little bit too thin, but I love reapplying) and the slim packaging. My lips feel super smooth and moisturized when I apply this. The fact that it has SPF 20 in it is also a definite plus for me! The only thing that is wrong with this lip balm is the amount of product you get for what you pay. In general, these will only last me about a month of two, so unless there is a sale, I always hesitate to buy it, even though I love it.

I’m not sure whether this product has been discontinued or not, since I cannot find it anymore at pharmacies and it’s not on the Softlips website. If it is, well I will be very bummed. It is super smooth and it creates a sublte glossy finish. Less obvious than wearing lip gloss, but glossy nonetheless. I love the citrus scented one, but I haven’t tried others (I think there is a fragrance-free one, and perhaps another one). Apart from the amazing texture, what I love most about this is the packaging. It is packaged just like a lipstick and even shaped like one! This is very appealing to me for some reason. Altough I love this product it has a big inconvenient, which I have encountered with all softlips products so far, since the formula is quite thin, it rubs off easily and must be reapplied often. Therefore, a tube will never last me very long. If you know whether or not this product has been discontinued or if you know where I could stock up on these, let me know!

So these are my three favourite lip balms! What are yours?

I would also like to try :

- Mac tendertones
-EOS lip balms
- Burt’s bees lip balms

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