Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October 2013 Favorites

Hey everyone! Today I'm doing my October favorites! Yay! I know I haven't done one last month (sorry :X), it's because I had a three week long internship in Montreal and I didn't have any time to prepare my favorites, so this month will have a bit more stuff than usual. It's going to include my favorites since the beginning of September and a few random favorites as well. I'm also starting a new favorites section which I don't usually do, the monthly fashion favorites! So with this say, let's get onto the favorites.


- Garnier BB Cream for Normal to Oily Skin : Love this stuff, decent coverage, comfortable on the skin, love it! Got it on sale too, which is always a bonus.

- L'Oréal Magic Lumi Face Primer : Doesn't feel siliconey on the skin (not a fan of that) and helps foundation glide on and look nicer on the skin. Really expensive for drugstore though :X

- Quo Palette : Present from my bf ♥ at the end of September. My first Quo product and I love it! Super pigmented shadows and beautiful blushes. Been wearing the blushes all month.
- ZA Two Way Cake Powder Foundation : Only powder that will keep me shine free all day long lately.

- Stila Highlighting Duo in Kitten : Gives the most beautiful sheen on the skin. Worn everyday in September and October.

- L'Oréal Magic Lumi Foundation : Way too expensive (18$ at Jean Coutu), but I got this on sale. Nice finish, great coverage and the color matches me perfectly.

- Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara : Holy Grail Mascara, enough said.

- Garnier Roll-on concealer and treatment : very thin consistency, but nice coverage. Feels cooling on the skin, very pleasant. Usually overpriced, but I got this in a set at a super discount.

- Real Techniques Brushes : Contouring brush and expert face brush. Love these, super soft, dense and they're multi-purpose.

- Eco Tools Powder brush : nice for a light dusting of powder on the skin because of the tulip shape and the not too dense bristles. Very soft.

-UD All Nighter Setting Spray : Helps lock in your makeup when sprayed before and after makeup application. Expensive, but worth it.

-Wet n Wild Color Icon Highlight in Reserve your Cabana : Been looking for this powder for ages and I finally got my hands on it. Very subtle highlight, can be worn all over the skin for a nice dewy skin look.

- OPI Nail polish in Dulce de Leche : My first OPI and I'm not disapointed. Super easy to apply, nice staying power and this color is the perfect nude for my skin tone.

- Sephora Pencil Liner (Forest Green) : amazing staying power and super creamy. Very affordable too (11$). Seems like it could be comparable to UD 24/7 Liners for a fraction of the price. Incredible color selection (over 15 shades I think).

- NYX Slide on Pencil (Metallic Blue) : also an amazing liner. Similar consistency to the Sephora Pencil. Great color selection as well.

- E.l.f Black Liquid Liner : Never thought this would be my fave when I picked it up at Dollorama for the 20$ makeup challenge. Super thin applicator, very precise and stays on all day, love it!

- Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze : perfect to be worn on its own or underneath and taupey shadow. Stays on all day.

- Ardell Wispies Lashes : another product I've been wanting for ages and I'm not disappointed. They look great on and you can barely feel them.

Fashion and Accessories
Sorry for the awkward mirror pics, I'm not really used to taking outfit pictures lol. 

Outfit 1 : Flared blue jeans (20$ from Winners) with sheer black High Low blouse with gold hardware (10$ from Dynamite) and imitation suede caramel colored pointy flats with a bow. (4.50$ from Ardène)

Outfit 2 : Caramel colored faux leather bomber jacket (70$ from Garage) with black jeggings (40$ from Garage), burnt orange, blue, white and black tribal motif scarf (2$ from Ardène) and caramel colored booties with gold buckle (60$ from Verona).

Outfit 3 : My snuggling outfit! It's an essential for me during the colder months! Black tank top (15$ from Colori - any comfy top works perfectly too), with hello kitty red and black plaid pyjama pants (15$ from Winners) and Jack Skellington Slippers (20$ from China Town).

In case you're wondering why my Ardène picks are so inexpensive, it's because I usually go at Ardène Dépôt stores, which sell older collections for 70% off!


I haven't been eating very healthy ever since I left for my internship. I also got a new job, which means I have little time for cooking and no motivation for healthy eating. It's been getting colder also so I'm kind of leaning towards comfort food and junk. I've been particularly into :

- Soups in general are really comforting to me,  but I've been especially craving Spicy Kimchi Ramen with added strips of nori and hard boiled egg.
- Gold Fish *drools*
- Fibre 1 brownies which are only 110 calories and 5g of fiber. They taste delicious! I guess it's kind of an healthy treat when you think about it. Much better than most brownies anyway.
- Flavored hot chocolate, especially Rolo flavored, nom!


TV :
- Vampire Diairies (very fitting for this month isn't it :P)
- The Nightmare Before Christmas (as always during october , I like to watch my favorite Halloween classic, I also listen to the soundtrack on repeat lol)
- Netflix!

Books :
- Uprising by Imogen Rose (Bonfire Academy Series)
- Angel and Demons by Dan Brown

Now that I think about it, all my tv and book favorites are totally Halloween appropriate, how funny :P

Shops :
- Target!!!! They have just opened here in Quebec and I'm really excited to go shopping there. I've been once so far and I was quite happy with the cosmetics sections. Too bad we still don't have E.l.f though...

That's all for this month's favorites! I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know if you would like to see more fashion and random favorites in the future :)

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Monday, 28 October 2013

My Little Pony Series : Fluttershy Inspired (Take 2)

A few months back, I did a Fluttershy inspired makeup look on here. Looking back, I decided I wasn't that pleased with it, so I decided to give it another shot! Here goes :)

Products used :

Eye Bases

  • UDPP
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk

Eye shadow & Brows
  • BH 120 Palette (1st Edition)
  • Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit in Light

Liner & Lashes
  • Ardell 102 Demi Lashes
  • Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • Elf Black Liquid Liner
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Check out other My Little Pony Looks : Rainbow DashTwilight SparkleFluttershyRarityPinkie PieSweetie BelleSpike Applejack, Scootaloo, princess Celestia, Lyra, Apple Bloom and Nightmare Moon

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mint Green Smokey Eyes Makeup Look

Hey all! Today I'm back with another makeup look inspired by Darling Girl Cosmetics Shadows! I can't say enough good things about these. They are so beautiful that every time I decide to do a look with them, I just come up with the prettiest looks (in my opinion). So this time I wanted greens and blacks for the look so I went for a mint green smokey eye! I think it looks very nice with my green eyes :)

Products used :

  • UDPP
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Eyeshadow & Brows
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics Loose Shadows in Lucky, Sultry Siren, Morbid Angel, Bio-Exorcist and Impervious
  • Stila In The Lights Palette (highlight color)
  • Blackout Shadow from the Naked 2 Palette
  • Milani Brow Fix in Light

Liner & Lashes
  • Ardell 102 Lashes
  • Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliner Pencil - Black
  • E.l.f. Black Liquid Liner

That's all for today. Did you guys enjoy this look? Let me know in the comments :) 

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Oil Slick Inspired Makeup Look

Hey everyone! Today I'm doing sharing a makeup look I did using Darling Girl Cosmetics shadows! I hauled a bunch of colors from them a few months ago and I felt like playing around with them today! I went a bit color crazy and the results is something that kind of reminds me of the colors of an oil slick. Anyone has a better idea for a name for this one? ahah XD

Products used :

  • UDPP
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Eyeshadow & Brows
  • Darling Girl Cosmetics Loose shadows in : Obviously a Wig,  My Little Pony, Basket Case, London Calling and Groovology 
  • Stila In The Lights Palette (highlight colors)
  • Milani Brow Fix in Light

Liner & Lashes
  • Ardell 102 Lashes
  • Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliner Pencil - Black
  • E.l.f. Black Liquid Liner


That's all for today. Did you guys enjoy this look? Let me know in the comments :) I loveee how bright and colorful it is!

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Disney Series : Mulan Inspired Makeup Look

Hello all! Today, I'm back with the Disney Series! I did a makeup look inspired by Mulan this time! I went for the colors of her tunic and matched my eye brows to her hair color! I didn't have some of the colors to match her outfit, so I had to mix my own! I hope I got a close enough match, what do you think?

Products used :

  • UDPP
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Eyeshadow & Brows
  • BH 120 Palette (1st Edition)
  • Stila In The Lights Palette (Transition color)
  • NYX Velvet Rope Palette
  • Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette (highlight and brows)

Liner & Lashes
  • Ardell Inspired Lashes
  • Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliner Pencil - Black
  • Ardène Green Liner


That's all for today. Did you guys enjoy this look? Let me know in the comments :) 

Disney Series Recap

Princesses : Snow White, Pocahontas, Mulan, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Jasmine

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Everyday Foundation Routine

Hey all! Today I decided to share with you all the products that I use on a regular basis to make my skin look nice and to hide any imperfections! I've mentioned this before, but I don't wear makeup every single day. So this foundation routine is essentially what I'll do if I decide to wear makeup (and the foundation routine I use to prep my skin for any blog posts on here!). So in case you were wondering what's on my skin, well here it is!

My skin

First, I'll talk a little about my skin, so that you can determine if the products I'm using would suit your skin in case you want to try any of these products. My skin is usually normal to dry and I don't get oily very often. (although this spring and summer my skin has been uncharacteristically oily) The main issues I have with my skin is redness in the cheeks (I have rosacea) which I need to cover and some acne here and there. My under eye area also tend to be dry and I get flaky skin on my nose and forehead on occasion. With that said here is how I proceed to concealer and brighten my complexion :


First, I apply moisturizer. Lately I've been liking the Moisture hydrating lotion by Neutrogena because it has SPF 30. I like using the Real Techniques buffing brush or Expert Face Brush to apply this. In the winter, I use a heavier moisturizer because my skin gets drier. After moisturizing, I spray my face with the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. This is a new step to my routine and I haven't determined how useful it is yet, but for now, I'm testing it out.


Next, I apply my foundation using the same brush.  (I also often use my hands for this) Lately, my favorite is the Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation. I love how silky it is on the skin and it think the coverage is great. It leaves a nice dewy finish, which I prefer since I tend to have dry skin. I'm not big on matte finishes on myself since it tends to bring forward the dry patches on my skin which isn't very flattering. Personally, I like doing my foundation first for a couple reasons. First, many of my problem areas are usually well concealed with just foundation which eliminates the need to cake on more product by adding concealer. Second, I hate fixing fallout from my eye shadow once I have foundation on. I prefer wiping everything clean and then applying my face products. Lastly, I haven't found a concealer that I like a lot for my under eye yet so I like to apply a slippery foundation on first so that the concealer has a base so set on and it doesn't get into the fine lines around my eyes as much. Phew, that was a lot of information wasn't it? I guess I have loads to say about foundation :P


Next, I conceal anything that is still showing through with either Maybelline Mineral Power concealer and/or Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting concealer. I like to apply the lumi in a triangle shape underneath my eyes from time to time if I'm going for a bright highlighted look. I like  to pat on my concealer to blend it out. I also sometimes use the deluxe crease brush from Real Techniques to blend, especially if I went heavy underneath the eyes and I don't want to ruin my blending job by patting with my fingers over it.


 Last, I powder the middle of the skin using the Stay Matte Powder by Rimmel and with a blush brush by Eco Tools. I only do it in the center of my face to conserve the dewyness of the foundation. After that, I also apply blush with the same brush. I don't really have an everyday blush, but I do really like this one by Rimmel called Pink Sugar. Next I highlight the top of my cheekbones with the Stila Highlighting duo in Kitten using the contour brush by Real Techniques. After all is applied, I spray my face again with the Urban Decay Spray to help it stay on longer and to attenuate the look of powder on my skin, which I am not a fan of.

The results

Clearly, I also have eye makeup on here, but let's focus on the skin :P I also want to mention that my lights are very hot, which make my skin look a little more shiny than it really is in real life.

That's all I do! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what your favorite face products are! I'm love trying out new ones! I really want to try a few new foundations and concealers. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Darling Girl Cosmetics Loose Shadows Swatch Fest

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would share my swatches of all the Darling Girl Cosmetics loose shadows that I own. They are my favorite brand of shadows at the moment. Anyway, enjoy the swatches! Also, let me know if you would like to see makeup looks using any of these colors :)

 Curious Crocus, Lucky, Morbid Angel 

 Chimera, Coco Loco, Beluga Bebe, O RLY?

 Sirena, Impervious, Sultry Siren, Scarab

 Rhapsody, Groovology, Basket Case, Alright Ma!

 Hope, My Little Pony, Obviously a Wig, Nightwatch, Incognito

London Calling, Dark Heart, Dark Crystal, Bio-Exorcist

Note : Some of the pinks and purples will stain. You can somewhat see the pink stain leftover from the last swatches on my hand on the last picture.


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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fall 2013 Bath and Body Works Haul

Hello everyone! Going alongside with my fall obsession, I adore anything that has a scent that reminds me of fall. That's why I always look forward to going to Bath and Body Works to get their fall scents the most. I do have a few three wicks candles left from last year's 2 for 20$ sale, so I didn't get any of those this time (plus they were 2 for 32$ which I think is way too expensive).

Check out what I got!
I got 5 hand sanitizers (5 for 5$), 2 mini candles (2 for 6$), one in Pumpkin Cupcake (one of my favorites from last year, I actually finished the three wick candle of this completely) and one in Heirloom Pear which I believe is a new scent. I also got three wallflower refills (3 for 10$), two in Nutmeg and Spice No.1 (my absolute favorite, I'm also almost out of the three wick candle) and one in Pumpkin Cupcake. As you can see, I basically stocked up on my favorites this year. I have a 30% off coupon which I might use on three wick candles if they have the 2 for 20$ sale any time soon. Last thing I picked up is the cutest owl wallflower ever. It was 7.50$, but I couldn't pass it up, it's just perfect for fall! It now sits proudly in my bathroom and I'm really glad I got it.


That's all I got from Bath and Body Works! If you'd like a review of any of these products let me know! Also, what is your favorite fall scent?

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Fall Series : Night out Look - Gold, Copper & Purple (Drugstore)

Hey all! Today I'm sharing a night out look that's perfect for fall! It's a copper, gold and purple toned smokey look that will look great when going out!

And... Picture Spam! Because I'm in love with how this looks on my green eyes. Sorry :X

Products used :

  • NYX Eyeshadow Base - Nude
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to The Bronze

Eyeshadow & Brows
  • Wet n Wild Petal Pusher Palette (Left Crease Color)
  • Wet n Wild Knock on Wood Trio (Eyelid Color)
  • NYX Single Eyeshadow in Rust
  • NYX Loose Shadow in Nude
  • Wet n Wild Cool As a Cucumber Trio (Crease Color)
  • Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells Trio (Highlight Color)
  • Milani Brow Fix in Light

Liner & Lashes
  • Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliner Pencil - Perfect Purple
  • L'Oréal Gel Liner - Black


That's all for today. Did you guys enjoy this look? Would you wear this on a night out? Let me know in the comments :) 

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Beauty Haul : Target, Drugstore, Sephora and Winners

Hey everyone! Today I'm diverting from my usual blog post every other day schedule, because I was too excited to wait and share this later! It's a makeup haul and I'm especially excited with all the things that I got. :) I went to Target for the first time (they just started opening them in Quebec :D) and I also went to the drugstore, Sephora and Winners (for nail polishes mainly).

Winners : 2 nail polishes by China Glaze (Tantalize Me and Frostbite) and 1 by OPI (in Dulce de Leche). It's my first OPI ever and I have to say, it's amazing! Love the subtle nude color ♥

I also got two Nicole by OPI nail polishes at Dollorama. I got Back to Reality...TV and Green Up Your Act, which is a really nice army green and I'm really loving it right now!

Sephora : I didn't get much at Sephora, but I got the most beautiful forest green liner *I'm sensing a theme here :P*. It's buttery and amazing, I didn't know Sephora made such great pencil liners, and they have a huge range of colors too. They're only 11$ each, it's crazy! I also got a small size of the Urban Decay primer potion as a backup because I'm running low on mine.

Target : I got three of the new limited edition, black packaging Babylips (as if I needed more of those lol), the L'Oréal Magic Lumi foundation and primer, Maybelline Age Rewind concealer, Cover Girl Shimmering Sands Eyeshadow trio, Ardell Wispies, and a bunch of NYX stuff.

For the rest, I got it at the drugstore and Walmart. I have a Quo makeup palette which my boyfriend got me ♥ an Annabelle eyeshadow trio (first time I try the brand) and the highlight Powder by Wet n Wild in Reserve your Cabana.

That's all I got, it's a lot of stuff, but it was bought over a few weeks! I cannot wait to start playing with all these new goodies :D Let me know if you would like to see reviews on any of the products!

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Wearable Color : Neutral Eye with Vibrant Green Liner

Recently, I went to Ardène Dépôt (they sell some of the stuff from previous collections at 70% off) to pick up some earrings and camis. While I was at the checkout, I noticed that they sold colored liquid liner. I'm usually wary of their makeup for some reason, but since I'd been on the hunt for colored liners and I'd had trouble finding what I was looking for, and since these were 1.50$ each, I decided, why not give them a try! I got two glitter liners and two colored liners, including this vibrant green shade!

I love the way it looks on! It's very easy to apply and the brush of the liner is very thin which gives you a lot of control. I'm really happy with this purchase, except for the fact that this green liner stains! :s  (The other colors don't as far as I know).

That's all for this quick eye makeup look! Don't forget to follow me and like my Facebook page for more posts like this ♥

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fall Series : Favorite Nail Polish Shades for Autumn

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing another post from my Fall Series! This one is about my favorite polish shades for autumn! If you followed my blog over the summer, I also did one of these for my favorite summer polish shades

Fall is my favorite season of the year so I'm particularly excited about these! It's mostly dark shades of red, blue and purple as you can see! I don't have a true red polish in my collection anymore (I can't believe I hadn't noticed until now) and I plan on getting a new one soon, but if I did, I would have included it into this selection.

Favorite Polishes for Fall

Nail Swatches
Revlon polishes : Star Attraction, Royal and Vixen

Star Attraction, Vixen, Royal 

Sinful Colors Polishes : Midnight Blue, Let's Talk, Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl (jelly finish), Let's Talk, Midnight Blue

- L'Oréal After Hours (this one stains quite a bit, use with a top coat or get blue tinged nails after)
- Sally Hansen Oxblood
- Wet n Wild : Burgundy Frost and Hannah Pinktana (this one dries semi matte)

Oxblood, Burgundy Frost, After Hours, Hannah Pinktana

That's all for my favorite nail polishes for Fall. What colors do you like to wear when the weather grows colder? What are you favorite polishes? Let me know in the comments! I'm always looking for new nail polish shades to try out!

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