Sunday 9 October 2011

Halloween Makeup : Spider Web

This i my first attempt at Halloween makeup! I'm not a fan of anything gore looking, so I went with something that isn't too scary to look at a spider web eye! I wouldn't say it turned out exactly how I wanted it to (my drawing skills with a liquid liner definitely aren't there yet), but it's still fine for a first try I think :P

Anyway, I did a shimmery white lid, with a black cut crease and a spiderweb extending from the eyeliner into the hairline. I added, of course, tons of mascara to create spider lashes (pun intended :D), because it is definitely fitting with this look!

Tell me what you think, should I try some more Halloween looks?

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  1. OMG honestly , when I looked at the pictures I fell in love with that idea ! Awesome and great job !

  2. I'm glad you liked it ♥ Thanks for reading :)



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