Sunday, 13 March 2011

Walmart Haul

I went to Walmart yesterday to check out their Hard Candy makeup line. Unfortunately, a lot of the products were sold out when I went! I will have to go back soon to check out what I missed this time around. I haven’t seen the Glamouflage concealer (is that what it’s called?) and the new super size glosses either, I was kind of disappointed about that, but never mind, I got other stuff and I think I will love them!

Anyway, I was very pleased to see how affordable everything was. In general, if something is about 7$ in the US, I can expect it to be at least 10$ over here. Hard Candy did not seem to be much more expensive over here than what I’ve seen for the US (I might be wrong though!), so that made me very happy!

I also got a nail polish (I love this kind of blue! I don’t own anything close to it), mascara and makeup remover.

This is what I got ♥ Just tell me if you want me to review any of these!

EDIT : I don't know if anyone else has this issue with Hard Candy face products, but the tinted moisturiser breaks me out and so does their Glamoflage concealer. :( I bet the quality is great, but I can't use it! Such a bummer.

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