Thursday, 10 March 2011

CS 88 warm palette swatches and Review

When I first discovered the Coastal scents 88 color Palette in Warm through Youtube, I was thrilled. Like I mentioned before, I have a student budget, therefore, I must make any beauty purchase carefully and do a lot of research to make sure I get value for my money.

This product is the definition of value for money. You get 88 neutral eyeshadow shades for 25$. It’s an incredible deal considering that nowadays, even drugstore eyeshadows can go for around 6$ a piece.

As far as the size of each eyeshadow, you could guess that they would be pretty small and you would be right. But while these shadows are no bigger than a dime each, I haven’t reached pan on any of them yet, and I’ve had this palette for over a year now. In other words, they last a while even though they are small.

As far as the finish goes, you get some shimmery shadows as well as mattes and glittery ones.
Basically, you get a good mix of everything. The color selection is amazing. If, like me, you like a neutral eye, you will like the abundance of beiges, champagne, browns, purples, whites, golds and silvers in this palette. I believe it has everything you need to achieve most natural looks. ♥ There are plenty of pretty highlight shades in there as well. Actually, there might be a little too many highlights for my taste in there. If I had one reproach for this palette, that would be it. I have too many whites and beiges I don’t need.

Finally, the pigmentation on these shadows is impressive. Of course, many of the pale whitish and beige shades barely show up. But you would expect that from a flesh coloured shadow wouldn’t you?

Other than that, I believe less than 5 eyeshadows aren’t as pigmented as I would like them to be in this palette. Not bad! The dark browns, burgundeys, blacks and golds are all gorgeously pigmented.

On a side note, a couple of the glittery shadows are very soft and will break down easily when you put your brush in there! It’s a little annoying, but nothing you cannot work around. You will also get a fair amount of fallout with some of the darker colours, but that’s nothing unusual and can be avoided easily by placing either a tissue underneath your eye while applying or loose powder.

In conclusion, for the price I paid, I am more than delighted with this palette, the colours are great, the texture and the pigmentation fantastic. I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who like natural looks. It’s an inexpensive way to broaden you makeup collection.

Now all I need, is a little more color! I’ve been working solely with this palette for the past year
and now that spring is coming up, I’m craving for something more vibrant. I’m considering either the 88 Shimmer by Coastal Scents or the BH 120 eyeshadow palette 2nd edition. What would you recommend?

Here are swatches of the palette. Some of them are not very good :( excuse my bad camera!


  1. Thank you for the swatches! I hope you included the ingredients too :)

    1. I'm happy to provide!I don't know the ingredients though, maybe check out the Coastal Scents website for the info?



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