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The Balm Nude Tude Palette Review and Swatches

Today I'm giving you a in depth review of the Nude Tude Palette by The Balm. This palette has received quite a lot of hype by the beauty community on the internet recently so I thought I would let you know if it's really worth all that hype! I bought it a few months back when I was in Vegas and I think I've had enough time to experiment with it to tell you what I think of it.



The Nude Tude Palette by The Balm is a neutral palette containing 12 matte, shimmery and glittery eyeshadows with fun quirky names. It's an everyday palette comparable to Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 Palette.

The pigmentation of all theses shadows is phenomenal. They are very saturated even without a base underneath. The matte colors are very intense as well, which is a bonus since mattes can be a hit or miss sometimes.

The shadows are not chalky or powdery. They are buttery smooth and don't have too much fallout.

As far as I have noticed, they stay on all day. However, I tend to use primer underneath everytime I wear them so I cannot say how they would last without it.

The shadows in the Nude Tude Palette glide on the lid and blend very easily when applied. They don't give off a muddy look when blended out. The exception in my opinion is the color Silly. When blending, the glitter goes everywhere and it becomes a bit patchy.

Color selection

I think the variety of colors included by The Balm in this palette is great. You can do all kinds of looks, from natural to smoky going out looks. It lacks a nice matte highlight shade though. I couldn't just use this palette when I travel because of this. There is a nice mix of matte and shimmer and it includes a great matte black color.

My only complaint is that I'm not a fan of the color Snobby. To me it's too yellow to be wearable and I don't really have any use for it.


Look : The Nude Tude Palette's design is very cute looking in my opinion.

Material : It's made out of sturdy, but light cardboard (unlike the flimsy cardboard used in Stila In the Lights Palette).  The main downside of the material is that it will get dirty relatively easily.

Size : It is small enough to travel with and has a magnetic closure to ensure that it won't open in your bag. It's also very thin which is another plus.

Mirror : The best part about the Nude Tude Palette's packaging is, in my opinion, the really big mirror it comes with. It's really convenient when you're on the go.

Included items : It comes with a double ended brush probably of synthetic bristles. One side has an angled brow/liner brush and the other side is a slanted flat brush. While I don't have a use for the flat side of the brush, I love the liner side. It allows me to skip bringing a liner brush with me when I travel. Very handy!

View of the depth and width of the Nude Tude Palette



To know what my favorite colors in the palette are check out my latest beauty favorites.

Note : All shadows are swatched dry using a brush over Urban Decay Primer Potion. 
All pictures are with flash.

Sassy is a frosty opaque white with quite a lot of shimmer.

Stubborn is a shimmery champagne color with a slight pink tone. Great for a subtle inner corner highlight or all over the lid.

Selfish is a super shimmery taupe color with a metallic finish. It looks more silvery in the pan than when swatched. It has a golden sheen to it.

Sophisticated is a deep cool toned brown with noticable brown flecks of shimmer.

Sexy is a matte reddish brown.

Serious is a matte black. It looks like it might have some glitter from the picture, but that's just fallout from the shimmery shadows in the palette.

Snobby is a shimmy and somewhat sheer yellowish gold color.

 Stand off-ish is a frosty champagne color with loads of shimmer. It has a almost metallic finish. In the pan it looks rather pink, but it gives off more of a subtle gold sheen when applied.

Sulty is a matte warm toned brown color. It's good as a transition color or to warm up a look.

Seductive is a burnt gold color in the pan. The finish is metallic and shimmery. When swatched, it is more of a deep yellow gold.

Silly is a deep warm toned brown with loads of noticeable gold glitter. When patted on, the glitter will show up on the lids, however, when blended out the glitter dissipates.

Sleek is very deep, almost black cool toned brown. It's perfect for deepening a look without going for black shadow.


Overall thoughts : I love this palette! It has a great color selection, the pigmentation is amazing and the texture of the shadows is very smooth. There are only two colors which I wish weren't included in the Nude Tude Palette, but otherwise I think it's a great mix of light and dark shadow options. It's versatile and super practical. I use it all the time!

Overall Score : 9.5/10

Would recommend? Yes!!


That's all for my review and swatches of the Nude Tude Palette by The Balm. I hoped this post was informative for you all reading this! Please let me know in the comments if you'd like more in-depth reviews like this or if you have any other questions or suggestions :)

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Have a great week everyone! ♥

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