Sunday, 27 February 2011

Current obsession : Hello kitty

I’ve been obsessed with Hello Kitty stuff lately (actually, almost anything Sanrio really). I love Hello Kitty on anything =p It’s a shame that the stuff is so expensive though! I really cannot afford much of it!

So far, I have two purses, a grocery bag, a couple pens, little strips of papers to make origami stars, a rhinestone ipod cover, a mouse pad and a t-shirt. I just cannot get enough of it! XD It makes everything so much cuter!

This is an ipod touch cover. I bought it at the Pacific mall when my boyfriend and I went to Toronto last year! It was super inexpensive, but the rhinstones keep falling off O_O. Cannot wait to make my own decoden cover to replace it (hopefully before this one desintegrates). Even though it's cheap, I think it's adorable =p

These are my two current hello kitty handbag, you can't tell from the picture, but they're starting to be a little old! I'm thinking I might purchase another one soon =) Which colour should I get this time?

Also, yesterday, my boyfriend surprised me with a Hello Kitty Easter chocolate! I was sooo happy ♥ It was really sweet of him =D Best Easter chocolate of my life!

Apparently, in japan, there is a Sanrio theme park! Isn’t that crazy? O_O I have to go there sometime! (going to japan is actually one of my dreams!) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it at first.

Anyone else is really into Sanrio stuff? ♥

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