Saturday, 26 February 2011

Finally starting my own blog

So, I’ve been thinking of launching myself into the blogging world for a while now. I’ve hesitated a lot, trying to come up with an interesting theme to write about. In the end, I’ve decided that my blog would be a little bit about all of the things I enjoy, from food, to make up, books, nail art, video games, travel and more.

This isn’t my first blog, I used to write a blog in French about my travel experience in Central America. The subject being pretty limited though, I abandoned the blog after the trip was over, since there was really nothing else to tell! But I really enjoyed writing and I have been thinking about starting a new personnal blog ever since. I’ve also discovered that I enjoy writing in English a lot more than French, for some reason. I feel like written French can be a little more formal than what I want to my blog to be. That's why I chose to write my blog in english, even though my primary language is french!

Anyway, hopefully, I will have interesting stuff to show and say on here!

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