Saturday, 26 February 2011

Making onigiri for the first time

I absolutely love trying out new recipes, especially Japanese food!

For anyone wondering, an onigiri is typically a rice ball in the shape of a triangle, or cylinder with a filling either in the center, or mixed into the rice. They’re often wrapped with nori.

So here are the results of my first two attempts at onigiri! The first one is filled with canned tuna and mayonnaise and the second one is another type of onigiri in which the filling is mixed directly into the rice. I made mine exactly like the recipe I found on (it’s a blog written in French only, sorry!) with salmon. I think both turned out really nicely and they were really yummy!

The recipe is super easy and quick, especially if you use a rice cooker like I did to cook the rice.

Oh and sorry for the pretty bad quality of the pictures! I have yet to find a decent setup to take good food pictures... I was thinking I could cover up the black/brown table I am using with a white sheet and stick a white cardboard onto the wall to get a cleaner background. Any ideas?

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