Saturday, 26 February 2011

Homemade caviar sous-marin sushi

I’m in love with this restaurant in Montréal called Kanda sushi. It’s basically an all you can eat sushi place, where you can order as much sushi as you like from their premade menu from nigiris to makis and sashimi. You can also get other types of Japanese food like tempura shrimp and veggies, endamame, yakitori, etc and it’s all included in the same price. It might not be the fanciest sushi (although the fish is always really fresh and tasty), but I adore going there!

One of my favourites is the caviar sous-marin nigiri (submarine caviar). I’ve never seen it anywhere else and it’s really yummy! My boyfriend and I always order tons of them. Until recently, I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it consisted of, so one day we went to eat there and I asked the waiter. Basically, it is made of surimi (imitation crab), red caviar, Japanese mayo, cucumber and salmon all chopped up finely and placed on a rice ball then wrapped in seaweed.

Here’s a picture from their site:

I decided to try it at home and it was a real success! Although I didn’t have any salmon handy so I skipped that. I will definitely try it with salmon next time. Also, I didn’t have any Japanese mayo (the last time I bought some, I didn’t cook very often and I ended up wasting about half of it! It’s pretty expensive so I haven’t bought anymore, but the light mayo I used was a fine replacement)

♥ ♥ ♥

Ingredients (for 4 pieces of nigiri):

- 100g of calrose rice (sushi/Japanese short grain rice)
- 4 sticks of imitation crab
- 1 teaspoon of finely chopped cucumber
- 1 teaspoon of caviar
- ½ tablespoon of light mayo
- 1 sheet of nori
- 15 mL of rice vinegar
- ½ tablespoon of sugar
- 1/8 teaspoon of salt

I have recently found out that this type of sushi (with the seaweed rolled over a ball of rice and filling) is called a Gunkan sushi. I found this on a visit at Yuzu Sushi in Quebec City. They didn't have exactly the caviar sous marin, but they had other variations that were really yummy. I will keep an eye out in the future for any sushi spots serving Gunkans and what variation they offer. Who knows I might stumble across a caviar sous marin dupe?

It’s one of my favourite types of sushi! What’s yours?


  1. I'm so trying to make that raw vegan. that looks yummy!

  2. omg! good luck with that, tell me if you manage!



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