Saturday, 26 February 2011

Some of my favourite books/book recommendations

Lately, I’ve been on a reading kick. Well, I haven’t exactly started reading yet, but I’ve been craving a good read. All of the latest books I have read were books that were imposed to me by my French teachers in cegep and I really miss reading just for the fun of it. I’m always on the lookout for book suggestions, because for some reason book covers just don’t inspire me. If I go to the library, I have to have something in mind, otherwise I browse endlessly, not knowing exactly what I’m looking for -_- It’s really annoying and rather unproductive.
I thought I might help out others in a similar situation by listing a couple of my favourite reads! I love reading lists of all types of things on the Internet, so for anyone like me, I hope it’ll be hopeful! And if anyone is reading this, please leave me some suggestions! It would be greatly appreciated =D

♥ ♥ ♥

- The Harry Potter series (I know, pretty obvious right =p)
- 1984, George Orwell
- Queen Margot, Alexandre Dumas
- The giver, Lois Lowry
- Memoirs of a geisha, Arthur Golden
- The count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas

And for manga lovers like me ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

And for some reason, I really want to read the original Dracula book from Bram Stoker, it intrigues me! In other words I really enjoy fantasy and period books (I’m not sure that’s how you say it, but I mean medieval books or 16-17-18 century, etc.) among other things and anything in relation to traditional japan!

What are your favourite books?


  1. I've just finished reading a book serie by Orson Scott Cards, and they are AMAZING!!
    If you like science-fiction, psychology and world history, you will LOVE those! They are incredibly well-written, and the stories and plots are brillant, and breathtaking! The thing is, you need to have a lot a free times to read them all =P
    SO here they are:
    1- Ender's game
    2- Speaker for the Dead
    3- Xenocide
    4- Children of the mind

    Then, there is another serie which takes place at the same time as the novel Ender's Game and depicting the same events from the point of view of others characters, and following them to see what they become.
    1- Ender's Shadow
    2- Shadow of the Hegemon
    3- Shadow puppets
    4- Shadow of the Giant

    Then, lately there has been a new book called "Ender in exile", which relates what happens between the first book (Ender's game) and the second (Speaker for the dead).

    I will probably read them again!

    Also, you probably have heard of the movie "The golden compass" (which is not really good in my opinion). Well the trilogy "His dark materials" by Philip Pullman were my favorite books when I was a teen. I find them better than Harry Potter, which I also love! If you like Harry Potter, I would highly recommend those to you!
    1- Northern Lights (also published as The golden compass)
    2- The Subtle Knife
    3- The Amber Spyglass

    And since I'm at it, there is another serie (the last one, I promess!!) that I love very much! So far, I have read it 3 times, and I plan on reading them again! It is called "The Night Angel Trilogy" and is written by Brent Weeks.
    1- The way of shadows
    2- Shadow's Edge
    3- Beyond the shadows

    This story is brillant, unpredictable, and full of action and moral/ethics dilemas. It is one of the best fantasy serie I have read. You just can't put them down..I know because I have tried!

    Also, I loved "Memoirs of a geisha" and "1984" as well! I have been planning on reading the LotR books for a while... I think I am just lazy =P, but I promised to myself I would do it before I die!

    (sorry for my bad english writing skills... =S)

  2. Edit: Orson Scott Card is the name of the first author, forget the "s"

  3. Wow! that's amazing =D thank you so much for the many suggestions! ♥ Now I am excited to go to the library to check these out.

    I have lots of free time, so I will probably read them all if I enjoy them =)

    The Lotr books are a challenge in themeselves! It took me a while to get into it (mostly the first book, since the action takes a long time to develop), but I definitely am glad I did.

    Thanks again so much for these great suggestions!

    Oh and btw, I pretty sure your english skills are actually better than mine, ahah so no worries! =D

  4. For the Orson Scott Card ones, I ordered them on for 7$ each. Once I got a box of 4 books for 21$ + S&H. They are pretty difficult to find in a library =P
    But you could probably find the others easily!

    I've read The Hobbit and really enjoyed it, but when I got to the fisrt LotR book...I got bored after a few chapters. To much descriptions, not enough action -_- I need to give it another try =P



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