Saturday, 26 February 2011

Simple and cute French mani nail art ♥

I made this super easy design recently and it turned out even better than I imagined!

I used a pearlescent sheer white/pink color all over the nails, and then drew a French manicure tip with a glitter nail art polish. As you can probably tell, I cheated a little bit and drew the tip further down my nail to create an illusion of a real French manicure, because I like to keep my nails very short. ♥ Finally, I added some star shaped silver rhinestones on my ring finger and pinky!

I was super easy and quick and I think the results are really cute! (Considering my almost inexistent nail art experience XD). I will definitely be trying out more designs soon with my brand new (and only) nail art polish.

If anyone is wondering, I bought the nail art wheel for 1$ at the dollar store, amazing right? I have another one with multicoloured ones as well, I cannot wait to use them up! I actually did a cute design using pink and black flowers over a hot pink base recently but I couldn’t get any good pictures and before I knew it, the rhinestone were falling off! Is there any way to prevent this?

Anyway, if you have any other simple, noob-proof nail art designs I could try out, please send me links so that I can try some of them out, I’m dying to try my hand more at this! ♥

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