Sunday, 27 February 2011

IMAX, is the price really worth it?

For our Valentines’ day date, my boyfriend and I took a day off and went out to eat and watch a movie downtown. We wanted to see the recent movie Tron and the movie theatre we went to only had it in IMAX. Great, we thought, we have never tried IMAX this should be really cool!

Well, it wasn’t. I mean, the movie was great and I really enjoyed the storyline, but the IMAX part was rubbish! I didn’t find that it made much of a difference at all. Maybe the image had a little more depth but that’s it! 17$ for a little bit of depth? Is it just me, or is that a little bit excessive? We we’re really taken aback when we bought our tickets at first! 38$ for a 2h movie O_O ? It was a special date so we decided to go with it, but I definitely think it wasn’t worth it. Is it just me? Or maybe that particular movie did not have much 3D but others do?

Another annoying thing was that I had to wear my glasses underneath the 3D glasses (I only wear them in school and when I go out to the movies). It was very uncomfortable and I ended up spending my whole evening with red marks from the glasses on my nose =S Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie in IMAX. If I were to do it again, I’d probably wait for it to come out in DVD.

What do you all think about the new IMAX craze? Is it really worth the price and discomfort?

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