Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ombre Metallic Copper and Gold Liner with Dramatic Cut Crease

Hey everyone! Sorry my post is a little late, I've been busy lately. Quick post today since I'm studying and don't have much time. Just tought I would share this makeup look I did! Fun fact, this is a actually a fail trial run for a Jafar inspired makeup look. Now, I'm super happy with this look, it's only that I feel it's not quite Jafar-esque enough to warrant it being an inspired makeup. Since I can't use it for my Disney Villains series (at least in my opinion), but still do really love it, I thought I would just post it randomly to show you all! If you want me to list the products I used for this just ask for it in the comments. For the time being I won't include them just to save a little time because I really need to go back to my studying! Have a good evening!

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