Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Nars Laguna and Orgasm Duo

I've been mentioning lately that I was thinking of buying the Laguna/Orgasm duo for a while now. I finally cracked and got it two weeks ago. Today I decided to share my thoughts and opinions on it!

Packaging : The packaging of NARS products is matte and sleek. It looks great when you first buy it, but it gets wrecked in a matter of days. It's kind of disappointing really. It's a luxury product, it would be nice for it to have a luxurious feel every time you take it out. Too bad.  4/10

Price : 50$


Color and Finish

Orgasm : The blush is a nice coral with lots of shimmer. Beautiful with most skin tones. 10/10

Laguna : The bronzer is a matte medium shade with a slight orange tone to it. It's quite flattering even on my very light skin. For some reason I thought this would be darker tough. 9/10

Texture and Application

Orgasm : The blush has a soft texture without breaking apart when you swatch it. It's quite pigmented and easy to blend out.  It transfers easily onto the brush. 9/10

Laguna : The bronzer surprised me a little in terms of texture and application. It's quite a dry and densely packed powder. It seems like very little comes off when you swatch it or put a brush in it. It is also very faint once you apply it. You need to build it up in order to get it to be visible (and I'm very pale). It's not all bad tough, since it allows for a lot of control during application. You can either go very light or make it more prominent. It's also much less likely that you will overdo it (unlike with some very pigmented bronzers). I find that it is slightly difficult to blend out. 6/10


It's a very nice product, but it has a few flaws in my opinion (the packaging being the biggest one). I love Orgasm, but Laguna seems to be slightly overrated. Maybe I'm not using it properly? I definitely like it, but for the price, I thought it would be incredible. I need to try it out more to see if I can make it work for me a little better.

Orgasm : 9.5/10
Laguna : 7.5/10


That's all for today's review! Hope this was helpful. Have a good day!

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