Thursday, 20 March 2014

Makeup Vanity Staples that I Never Mention

Hi everyone! So I saw a post like this on Emily Noel's blog recently and I thought "What a great idea, I need to make a post like this for my blog!" So here we are, I'm going to share my vanity staples with you all today :)

- Baby wipes : Great for cleaning up swatches, hands and brushes. Much cheaper than using makeup wipes for that purpose.
- Two holes sharpener by Anabelle : The small hole fit regular size pencils and the bigger whole is perfect for those fat crayon type products (like the Jumbo Pencils by NYX)
- Scotch tape : Great for doing sharp angles
- Cosmetic cotton swabs : one side is pointy the other is flat. Great for cleaning up precisely.
- Makeup brush cleanser : To spot clean between uses
- Tweezers : I use them every time I do a makeup look to groom my brows, but also to apply falsies and rhinstones.
- Duo Clear Lash Glue : Great glue, dries clear and doesn't irritate my eyes


That's it for my makeup vanity staples! Hope you all enjoyed this quick post! See you the day after tomorrow :) Don't forget to follow me and like my Facebook page for more posts like this ♥


  1. You've got a lovely blog! I'm following u right now ;)
    Kisses from Spain!

    1. Thank you so much :D It means a lot xxx



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