Sunday, 16 February 2014

Recent Snapshots : Winter 2013-2014

Hey all! Today I have a little bit of a picture spam post to share. These are just a few odds and ends that's I've collected over this winter and that I haven't shared with you all. It's mostly a lot of food pictures, a few selfies and a few pictures from my trip to NYC! Hope you all enjoy ♥

Loved this look! 

Pork sandwiches from Les 3 Brasseurs, nom ♥

I love Japanese fried chicken, it's incredible ♥

One of the best sushi I've had in Quebec City so far! It's from Hosaka Ya sushi

My guilty pleasure! Bubble bath, with herbal tea, a candle, Vampire Diairies and of course my feline partner in crime!

Yep, I bought an Hello Kitty humidifier! Loving it :)

Favorite nail look I did this season. I love this polish in Dulce de Leche especially ♥

I love Sapporo!

Takoyaki, my favorite Japanese snack

Amazing miso ramen we had in NYC

I miss my Christmas tree already and I cannot wait to get it back up next year

Power outage! Time to break out the candles! 

Cute little monster ♥

The room we stayed in at the Algonquin hotel in NYC. Small, but cozy! Would return :)

Love the views in NYC. I cannot wait to go back there!

My fave picture from myself in NYC. Is it sad that it's from the back of my head? :P

a view from the FAO Schwarz toy store in NYC. I love this place, I could spend hours there! One of my favorite places in NYC ♥

Cannot wait to see this skyline again ♥


That's all for this quick little picture post! I hope that you all enjoyed it! Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this in the future!

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