Thursday, 6 February 2014

Casual Valentine's Day Date Outfit Inspiration

Hey everyone! I don't do fashion posts very often, but today I thought I would post a Valentine's day outfit inspiration for you all! I just recently discovered Polyvore and I'm really addicted! It's the perfect way to do fashion inspiration boards! I love it <3. Anyone else uses Polyvore?

I created these 3 outfits with a casual setting in mind. I don't know about all of you, but whenever I see outfit inspiration that includes dresses and heels I just feel like it's a little much and that I would never personally have an occasion to wear that. Yes, even on Valentine's day I'd be uncomfortable in a dress or skirt. Restaurants or venues that actually require you to dress up are quite rare around here (unless they are incredibly pricey), so I never really have to dress up. Meaning, a cute well-put together outfit, with jeans and a nice top is as dressy as I'll go most of the time, even on a date.

These outfits are for all of you guys that feel the same and that are looking for ideas for a cute romantic outfit for a date or for Valentine's day. Would you wear something like this? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit Inspiration #1
Casual Valentine's Day Date Outfit

Outfit Inspiration #2
Burgundy and Black Casual Valentine's Day Date Outfit

Outfit Inspiration #3
Burgundy and Nude Casual Date Night Outfit

That's all for today! Did you all like this fashion post? I know I don't do them often, but with Polyvore it's really simple so I may start doing more of them. Let me know if you'd be interested to see that :)


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