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January 2014 Beauty Favorites

Hey everyone! It's time for my first monthly favorite post of 2014! I'm sorry this is a little late, but better late than never right? I don't have much time to write this since I have to be out the door in 30 minutes so lets get right to it!

January 2014 Favorites

♥ Goody TangleFix Brush - Does a pretty good job of detangling my hair and it's supposed to be less damaging than regular brushes so you can use it on wet hair! I like how compact it is as well, very travel friendly!

♥ Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Always a favorite, but I've been particularly loving this lately. I've been using it day and night and my skin is better than ever.

♥ Twilight Woods Triple Moisture Body Cream - I don't know I moisturizing this really is in comparison to other lotions, but this smells incredible. I could smell it all day long. Thinking of getting the body spray!

♥ Shiseido Facial Cottons - These a little more expensive so at first I was skeptical, but they are so soft and they aren't scratchy. Now I don't want to use anything else.

♥ Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation - Great coverage, doesn't look dry on the skin and amazing staying power.

♥ Lush Body Wash in The Olive Branch : I got this in a Christmas set from Lush. The citrus/orange smell is amazing and it lathers really nicely. You have to use a loofa with this though because it's very liquidy and will get used up very quickly if you use anything else. Also, I'm sad it's such a small bottle :(

♥ ZA Total Hydration Energy Mist - I ran out of my Urban Decay Setting Spray so I've been using this a ton for setting my makeup and making sure it isn't powdery. Not sure how much it helps for staying power, but it definitely helps tame the powder look. It feels refreshing also, which is very nice.

♥ Quo Blending Sponge - I think I mentioned this in the past. It's great for foundations that are fuller coverage or heavier in consistency. It really works wonders with the Cover Girl foundation. Gives a flawless, but really natural finish.

♥ Sally Hansen Vita-B Lip Moisturizer - Not sure if you can get this anymore, but these are really slick and pleasant on the lips. Almost the only thing that doesn't accentuate the flakes on my lips when my lips are at their worst.

♥ Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush - I've been using dry shampoo a whole lot more recently. I love the texture that it gives to my hair, which is normally very flat. The regular Batiste dry shampoo is always a good choice since it works well and smells quite nice.

♥ Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream - This is designed for hypersensitive and allergy prone skin, which I is exactly my skin type. It's very moisturizing and thick (I'd say if you're oily you should stay away) and it's perfect for my skin, especially in the winter. I haven't got dry patches since I've been using this. I have to mention though that I absolute HATE the packaging. It's horrible and impossible to handle, I hope they will change it.

♥ Glysomed Hand Cream -  Still the best hand cream I have ever tried. I've mentionned it so many times that I'm not going to review all over again :P

♥ Bonne Bell Liplites in Pink Candy Cane - love this color, it smells and tastes like vanilla and it's not sticky, love it! I don't think they sell this exact flavour anymore, but they've got a bunch of other ones that look just as nice.

♥ NYX Buttergloss in Éclair - This gloss has a great opacity and it super comfortable on the lips, not at all sticky. The color I have is Éclair, a cool toned pink which looks very nice on. I wish I had gotten more of those though, because they are great and the color selection is quite large.

♥ Quo Eyelash Curlers - Not only are these super pretty and pink, they also work really well with my lashes and they only cost 5$.

♥ Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve your Cabana - This is an highlighting powder (even tough it's called bronzer), but the shimmer is very subtle so instead I use it as an all over powder when I want to preserve the dewyness of my foundation. It's not great at keeping shine at bay, but it gives a really soft glowy look to the skin.

♥ L'Oréal Infallible Shadow in Amber Rush - I love the texture of this shadow and how pigmented it is. I apply it with my fingers for the best color payoff. The color is just sublime.

♥ Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rosé Kiss - You have to be careful with this one. If you're lips are too chapped, the white color of the product will only make it stand out more. Otherwise if you're lips are just a little dehydrated this is perfect, it soft, hydrating and the smell is out of this world.

♥ Urban Decay Naked Palette - I didn't get this until this Christmas because I thought I didn't necessarily need it and because it's kind of expensive. My boyfriend got it for me for Christmas and now I realize how much I was wrong! It might be my favorite of the Naked Palettes. I love the warm tones and the color selection. Such a great palette!

♥ Maybelline Define-a-Brow Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Blonde - I always thought brow pencils would look harsh on my barely there brows, but I was completly taken by surprise by how much I love this. It's much quicker and easier than powder (and a whole lot less messy). Since the pencil is a bit waxy, it also holds the brows a little bit. Also, dark blonde is just perfect for my brows. Loving it!

♥ Tarte C-Brightener Maracuja Eye Treatment -  I don't know much about eye cream since I ever only tried 2 different kinds. However, I must say that I much prefer this rich creamy consistency to the gel formula that I was using before. I have dry under eyes and this helps my concealer glide on. Great discovery, but I'm not sure I'll repurchase considering the 40$ price tag.

New Lipstick Storage
My other favorite for this one is my new lipstick storage! I got the acrylic holders at Dollorama for 2$ each. I think it looks bright and pretty and it helps me see exactly what I got at a super affordable price! Very glad I got these.


That's all for my january favorites! What are your favorites for this month? Let me know in the comments :)

*Quick Update* - In case you were wondering about how I'm doing with the 10$/week project, well I still haven't got any new makeup since the beginning of 2014! I'm thinking of getting the Nars Laguna/Orgasm duo soon though. It's 55$ here in Quebec, which means I have to wait at least 6 weeks before I can get it. The 6th week of the year started yesterday, so I'm right on track! I'll let you know if I end up buying it!

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