Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Blog is 3 Years Old!

Hey everone! Today I'm celebrating this blog's three year anniversary! I'm really excited! I never thought I would blog for three entire years, but here we are. It feels surreal, time goes by really quickly! I don't plan on slowing down my posting any time soon either. 2013 has been a really productive year for me in terms of blogging. I've posted more than ever before and I've grown and learned immensely in terms of makeup application, photo retouching, lighting, etc. I'm really pleased with what the blog looks like and has to offer now and I'm more motivated than ever to keep going! I really hope you all enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it  :) Thanks to all my loyal followers, my friends and my family which have supported me a lot this year! It means a lot to me to see all your comments and likes on Facebook ♥

Also, I wanted to mention that I recently got to 100 000 pages views! It's a really big milestone for me. I'd been waiting to get there for a long time! I'm really proud of what I have achieved with this blog :D

In case you're curious what is coming up on the blog in the near future I thought I would share a sneak peek of what's in store for the near future!
  • A Disney Villains Series : Ursula, Jafar, the Evil Queen and more!
  • More Disney Looks : Alice in Wonderland, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, etc.
  • Empties #4!
  • February Favorites
  • How I like to unwind after a long week : a beautifying and relaxing evening
  • My morning/evening routine
  • Spring Inspired Makeup Looks : pastels and natural looks 

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