Friday, 5 April 2013

Deal Extreme Haul #2 : Beauty, Nails, Accessories, Cute

Hi everyone! Recently I mentionned that I had made another order on! Well, it took a while to get here, but I've got everything so I wanted to show you. Deal Extreme has free shipping, but it does take a while to arrive. In fact, my order was sent in 5 partial shipments over a month period which means many trips to the postal office for me XD It was a bit bothersome, but at least I got everything now.

This is actually my third purchase from DealExtreme, but I didn't post the second one on here because it was mostly Christmas gifts, so I didn't want to receivers to know beforehand what they were getting. Anyway, I love this online store! Check out what I got from DealExtreme in the past : DealExtreme Haul part 1, part 2.

♥ First I got this cute teddy bear cellphone holder! It's super practical and really adorable ♥

♥ Then I got a purple brush holder (it's empty), for when I travel for a short period of time (meaning for when I'm not backpacking. I wouldn't bring this backpacking because it's way too bulky and heavy.) I was really surprised by how sturdy and heavy this product is. I kind of half expected it to be flimsy and cheaply made, but it's really a nice quality. I'm very happy with it and I cannot wait to test drive it when we go to Montreal soon. 

♥ Third thing I got is an awesome sushi-shaped cellphone charm. My phone doesn't have anywhere to attach it to so I use it as a key chain. It's so realistic looking, I love it :)

♥ I also got this Hello Kitty soap dispenser. I use it for dish soap and it looks real cute by the sink in the kitchen. DealExtreme used to carry loads of Hello Kitty merchandise, but they took almost all of it off their website. When I found this, I just had to jump on the opportunity.

♥ I got this cute gold Eiffel tower necklace which was really cheap. As you can tell, I removed it from its chain (it was a really long, brown leather sort of thing which I didn't find very attractive). I want to get a long gold chain for it. For now I use it for decoration on my makeup table :)

♥ I love the bracelet that I got. It's super sparkly even though you can't really tell by the picture. I've been wearing it non stop recently. I've even received compliments on it and it was only a few bucks :) score!

♥ Second to last thing is a bunch of nail art stamping plates. I even got one with an Hello Kitty face on it. I'm sooo stocked! I've been looking for one of these for ages. I can't wait to play with it. Expect loads of nails of the day in the near future :P

♥ Last thing I got is more stamping plates! Actually this is just one super large nail plate with a bunch of different designs. I love that it has loads of all over the nail designs. It has zebra, lace, polka dots, leopard, fruits, bows etc. It got a bit bent during shipping, but it still works properly. I love it and I'm really excited about it. It super large, it's bigger than a sheet of paper. I was really surprised when I received the package since I wasn't expecting it to be this big.

That's all I got from DealExtreme recently. Once again, I'm super pleased with my purchase and I would definitely order again. The partial shipment issue was a bit annoying though. Hopefully it won't happen to me again. (especially since I only ordered 12 items - my boyfriend got a couple of watches). Have you ever ordered from the site? Were you happy with what you got? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to know your experiences.

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