Friday, 19 April 2013

My favorite and Most Used Makeup Brushes (Drugstore)

Today I'm blogging about my favorite makeup brushes! I have accumulated quite a few makeup brushes in the past years, but I always end up using my favorites the most. I thought I would share with you all my most used ones. Some of them I have had for several years, while others are recent discoveries. They are all from the Drugstore (or from similarly priced stores) so they are all very affordable.

First, let me tell you more about my two current favorite drugstore makeup brushes brands.


Eco Tools : I have most brushes that Eco Tools does and I absolutely love them all. They are cruelty free and made from recycled aluminum and bamboo a widely renewable resource. The bristles are synthetic and extra soft. They don't shed or bleed, they are durable and they apply makeup very well. They are also very affordable. Some of their brushes are travel sized, which means the handles are very short. I personally like it since I think it gives more control and it's quite handy when you actually do travel with them.

Real Techniques : I have two sets by Real Techniques and two individual brushes. I love their face brushes which are very  dense and soft. The material is high quality and I love the look of the brushes. I also really love their fine liner brush. They are super affordable and they are made by Samantha Chapman a Youtuber from the beauty community. I love that by buying these we are supporting her amazing work! It's a definite bonus in my book.


Now on to my favorite brushes :
These are my most used Eco tools brushes that have a short handle. I use them on a daily basis

All by Eco Tools :
- Small detail brush : Inner corner and lower lashline
- Small flat shading brush : All over the lid color
- Fluffy blending brush : Blending shadows
- Large flat shading brush : Brow bone highlight
- Mineral powder brush : Powder, blush and bronzer

These are the only brushes I really need to bring with me when I travel.

These are my favorite long handle brush. I cannot get enough of the face brushes by real Techniques.

- Coastal Scents flat top buffing brush : Foundation
- Real Techniques buffing brush : Foundation and blush
- Real Techniques Expert face brush : Foundation
- Eco Tools blush brush : Powder, blush and bronzer
- Eco Tools angled liner brush : Brows and gel liner
- Real Techniques fine liner brush : Gel liner


That's all for my favorite makeup brushes! What is your favorite makeup brush brand? I'd love to try out Crown, as anyone tried out their products?

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  1. I've brushes by RealTechniques too.They're good.

  2. would really wanna know is there any different btw Real Techniques sets brushes and Real Techniques individual brushes, are they the same?



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