Sunday, 28 April 2013

April 2013 Beauty Favorites!

Hey everyone! Now that April is over, it's time for monthly favorites ♥

April has been quite hectic for me with school and everything, so the month went by super fast. I can hardly believe may is just around the corner already! It's finally getting warmer here in Quebec City so that's definitely making me quite excited for summer. My trimester will be over in just a little over three days, but unfortunately, my summer trimester is starting next Monday :( 

Anyway, let's get started with my Beauty Favorites 
  I have quite a few new favorites to share with you all this month :) 

Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover - This is a repurchase, just as gentle and efficient as I remembered! It works great with waterproof mascara too (which I have been into lately).

Equate Facial Cleansing Towelettes - I probably mentioned this a million times on my blog now. I just cannot get enough of these! I was super glad to get these again in April since I had run out and had to get by with another brand for a couple weeks. 

Samani Makeup Brush Cleaner - This is very new to me. I've never had brush cleaner before. I really like this, it gets the product out of my brushes instantly so I can use them to apply multiple colors.

L'Oréal Kids Tangle Tamer - Seems to work ok for detangling (my hair isn't all that tangly usually), but the smell is absolutely fabulous. It smells like yummy pears, it's awesome :D

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Clear - I've gotten into filling my eyebrows lately (especially if I'm going to take pictures, it looks a lot more put together). This is a cheap and efficient way to keep my brows looking tidy.

Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Kohl in Nude - I love this on the waterline. It makes your eyes look bright and awake. If I'm going for a natural look, I much prefer nude to white. This pencil is super creamy as well, I wish it came in more colors.

Bonne Bell Liplites - Not sure what this one if called but it's  a creamy medium pink color. It smells like vanilla cake, yummy!

NYX Eyeshadow Base in Nude - This is a great primer for eye shadow, it really helps the shadow stick to the lids. I also love that it is tinted because it hides all the little veins in my eyes.

Kiss 05 Lashes - These look great on. They're not too overpowering, but they're still long and dramatic! They're also super comfortable and light.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Pacific Blue - I've had this for a couple years now and it hasn't dried up. Love this color for spring :)

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - I bought two of these at the beginning of the month. One for myself and one for my giveaway. I have been using mine constantly. I love everything about it! I think I might do a full review about it soon, would you be interested in that? Let me know!

Lush Shampoo Bar in Seanik - I'm super impressed with this! The smell is very nice (even though I was skeptical at first, it seemed a bit salty for a hair product), it leaves my hair feeling super clean and weightless and it rinses off really well. To my surprise it lathers very well too. I love this.


And now my Favorite Accessories for this month

♥ Bracelets from Ardène (except the gold bracelet on the left which is from Suzy) - This month I have been loving the combination of gold, white and turquoise. It looks great paired with peach, pink and cream :)

Hair clip from Ardène - I got it from a surprise baggie (Yes my friends and I  still get those 2 for 5$ surprise bags because we're just like little kids :P) Usually we get mostly rubbish from them, (once my friend got an awesome owl necklace though) but this time I got this hair clip. At first I didn't think much of it, until I tried it in my hair. It's is so strong for it's tiny size I can't even believe it. I have a ton of hair and it can hold my bun all day, no hair bands or bobby pins required. I'm getting a million of these for sure!

Necklaces from Forever 21 - The first one is a dainty bow and the other one has an awesome feather on it. I love them because I feel like I can pair these with so many outfits!


That's all for this month's beauty favorites! What were your favorites this month? Let me know! I'm on the hunt for good Spring/Summer bright nail polishes :)

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  1. Omg I have to try Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Kohl in Nude.I was looking for a nude pencil like for ever.I live in Poland and girls from USA or UK show things that we don't have here :( But we have Rimmel so I'm excited to try out this pencil :>

  2. Great products!!! I am going to buy that loreal kids tangle tamer jajaja Pleaseee doo a review about the pallet!! and also some looks! LOVE your blog!<3 =)



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