Monday, 29 April 2013

10 Reason I'm Excited for Summer! ♥

April is coming to an end and may is just beginning. While summer only official starts mid June, may is the month where it gets warmer here in Quebec City, which makes me super excited for summertime!

I'm not 100% sure I'll be going backpacking this summer, but if not we will probably be going somewhere close like NYC and Toronto.

Wearing Shorts 
So many cute shorts I want to get :D

Warm Weather
Self explanatory!

School is Out
I have a summer trimester until late June, but after that I'm all free!

Neon colors
On my nails, on my clothes, everywhere :D

Going to the beach
I'm not the biggest beach bum out there, but nothing spells summer for me like the beach.

Good hair and Skin
More humidity means nicer hair and skin for me. Also, I take cool showers and don't heat style my hair as much during the summer so my  hair is super healthy.

Cool drinks & Ice Cream
Piña Coladas, Slush, Milk Shakes, yummy!

My hair gets lighter 

Outdoor fun
BBQ, diving, hiking, I love it all!

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