Monday, 1 August 2011

I am moving

I am moving again! I've been quiet since I've been back from my trip and I've explained the reason in my previous post, but another reason I have been busy is because I am moving again in a couple of days, this time in a brand new city, 3 hours away from my hometown.

I might have moved a few times already, but moving to a new city is a whole new challenge! Luckily, all of my furniture is in storage, which should make it all pretty straightforward. The most complicated part was going there to find an apartment we like, sign a lease and then arrange all of our services from here to be installed on our arrival. Also, the cost of moving to a new city is much more significant.

However, it's all for a good cause :) I am moving there (to Quebec City to be exact) because I will be attending university in the fall ♥ (I'm starting in pharmacy doctorate!) I cannot wait to start! The movers are booked for Friday, which means that by the end of the week I will be settled in my new apartment, in a new city! It's pretty exciting.

We found a nice 5 room apartment in a house right next to the St-Lawrence river. The neighborhood is very quiet and it almost feels like the countryside. I love it ♥ It's only a 15 minutes bus ride from the campus and has the advantage of including heating, hot water and electricity! I'm really happy with our choice! The rent is quite a bit cheaper than our last apartment too :) After three months living with my family I cannot wait to have a little place all to myself again! Spending time with my relatives was great, but I'm glad my boyfriend and I will have a place of our own once more. I cannot wait to decorate it ^^

Well that's all for this update! I hope to resume posting regularly as soon as I can access my makeup and all that!

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