Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A day in Chinatown and Sumo Ramen

Right before we left for Quebec City, my boyfriend and I decided to go explore China Town one last time. We settled upon lunch at Sumo Ramen because we read good reviews about it. Also, we never had ramen at a restaurant before, only at home, so we really wanted to give it a try!

When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the menu also included many Japanese dishes we have wanted to try for some time. We decided to order takoyaki, gyozas and two ramen with the lunch special which included tea and an imperial roll (I think).

The menu

There was also a cute menu on the table :D

The takoyaki was phenomenal, really savory and fresh! The piece of octopus in the center seemed to be missing from some pieces though!

The takoyaki came with all the usual toppings of mayo, bonitos flakes and powdered seaweed, but lacked the okonomi sauce, which I would have liked to try! Next time maybe =D

The gyozas were also great and the sauce really complemented their taste.


For the main course, I chose the beef ramen with soya broth.

The soup’s flavour was mild, but tasty, but it lacked a bit of spiciness. Fortunately, the condiments at our disposal included some kind of chilli which I put to good use J The beef was excellent, the bean sprout tasted great and the egg was perfectly cooked. I was not too fond of the type of noodles used in the soup though. I chose the regular ramen noodles (you can add soba noodles if you prefer for 1$ extra), and they tasted alright, but the noodles themselves didn’t have that much flavour.

It was so big and filling, I couldn't finish it!

I went nuts on the chili XD

Mathieu chose the volcano ramen with peppered broth, which he really enjoyed.

I can't really comment on this one, but it looked tasty! I got to taste the meat though, and it was really flavorful and a little bit spicy. Nom ♥

Overall, great experience at Sumo Ramen and we would definitely return on our future visits to Montreal.

After the Ramen, we went to Swatow Plaza (their grocery store is amazing! I wish I had known about it sooner, not only a couple days before I move cities) and brought some ramen bowls and snacks! Montreal’s Chinatown, I will miss you! L We had a great day there and to my understanding, Quebec City does not have a proper Chinatown. Oh, well! I guess I will have to wait to visit my family to go there.

Have you ever tried authentic ramen in a ramen shop? Did you enjoy it? What’s your favourite type of ramen?

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