Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nail art design ideas

These are nail art design ideas I came up with and decided to share with you all. When I'm bored I like to play with fake nails and decorate them with nail art. It's much easier for me to practice and experiment with nail art this way since it's much easier to paint on nails that are not attached to your hand :P (right it's kind of cheating, because it makes it really easy!)

So I have accumulated a collection of nail art designs ideas I have made. It's good inspiration for when I actually want to do something on my nails. Some of my designs are a little messy looking, but I'm still learning :) Also, a couple designs are inspired by nail art tutorials I have seen in the past, so not all these designs are original!

What's is your favorite design? Tell me in the comments! Which one should I do a tutorial for? Do you have any other nail art design ideas you suggest I should try?

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