Saturday, 27 August 2011

Simple Neon Pink Konad Manicure

I bought a Konad starter kit just before I left for Central America so I haven't had time to post a manicure using it yet! I did this neon pink, butterfly manicure today for fun and it turned out pretty cute so I thought I would share the idea!

That's all I used to create this

My pointer finger's buttefly is distorted because I'm still a newbie at stamping. By the way, this is my dominant hand, not bad right? The Konads are really easy to use once you get the hang of it :D I cannot wait to try out more intricate style.

It was super easy too!

I have to also mention that this was my first time using the Sèche Vite! It's hard to tell at the moment if it's as amazing as everyone say it is, but it did dry very quickly and did not smudge my designs which is a good start! Now let's see how it protects the polish from chipping!

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