Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sally Hansen Fingernail Polish : Crackle in Distressed Jean

Sally Hansen Fingernail Polish is quickly become my favorite brand of nail polish. The quality is great and the collections and colors are really enticing. The brand came out with a new crackle polish to go along with the recent crackle craze and I just had to try it! It's the first drugstore crackle I see :) I'm glad I can try this out without having to hunt for OPI or China Glaze.

So far, my thoughts on this is that it's little difficult to do it properly, but the effect is really cool. It was 6.69$ which is quite expensive if you keep in mind that China Glaze and OPI usually retail for about 7-10$. However, since here in Montreal, these brands are very hard to come by, and since the drugstore prices for polishes are normally quite high (4-14$ approximately), it's not that bad!

This Sally Hansen fingernail polish also came in white, silver, pink, a duo chrome purple and another color that I cannot remember (red maybe?).

This is how it looks on my nails :D

What do you guys think? Do you like this crackle trend? Will you purchase the Sally Hansen ones?

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