Monday, 2 September 2013

Back To School Series : What's In My School Bag

Hey everyone! Since school is fast approaching, I thought I'd share what I bring with me in my school bag everyday, including what my necessities are when I'm in school. I hope this is helpful to any of you going back to class in September! Keep in mind that I'm in university though, so my needs are probably a little different than what you need in high school. Anyway, let's get on with it!

My School Bag
This is my current school bag! It's a grey Jansport bag which I have had for a few years now and it's still going strong! I really like the Jansport brand, all the bags I have from them are super durable and well built. I chose this grey color because it's timeless and matches everything.

What I bring to school everyday

This is what I bring with me on a regular basis. It changes a bit according to my mood, but that's mostly what I usually bring. 

- 1 or 2 binders depending on my classes that day. Check out my How To Stay Organised post to see what I keep inside my binders!
- A calculator
- My phone
- Multi Colored Pens to take notes. Makes things a little more interesting for me!
- A makeup bag containing all my necessities
- My keys
- My Wallet
- My Glasses
- My Nexus 7 Tablet. This is a new addition in my school bag. First of all I just got it (it came out like a week ago I think), but I also usually bring my laptop instead. However, my laptop is bulky and I tend to spend more time surfing the web than I would want when I bring it so I thought bringing my tablet to school would be a good compromise!
- A Lock
- My Pencil case

This makeup bag contains all my small necessities on an everyday basis. I keep the same kind of stuff in my purse when I'm not in school or on weekends. As you can see, I don't actually bring makeup with me in the makeup bag XD

- Medication (for allergy, motion sickness, bandages, that kind of thing)
- Tissues
- Mints
- Compact mirror
- Blotting sheets
- Mini Hair brush
- Lip balm
- Hand sanitizer
- Tide to go pen
- Hand cream
- Body Spray
- Hair elastics

What's in my pencil case
 Last, we have my pencil case! It's usually quite full because I like to be prepared for anything. I like to bring :

- Post it Notes
- Erase
- Spare staples
- Mini stapler
- Led
- Sharpies
- Highlighters
- Mechanical pencils
- Correcting liquid
- Usb Drive*
Post it tab*

* I like to keep those in ziploc bags to protect them from any dirt or pencil stains that can accumulate in the pencil case.


That's all I bring to school everyday! I'm usually well prepared for anything that might come my way. I don't really have any books to bring with me since all my classes provide power point notes. Let me know what your school essentials are or if I missed anything in the comments! Have a good beginning of the school year everyone!

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  1. Medication necessities you know, pour une pharmacienne :P

  2. How do you organize your school bag? I have a pink Jansport, which I love, but have yet to learn to organize it...



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