Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Lush Lip Scrub Review

Hey everyone! Today, I'm reviewing a lip scrub that I got recently from Lush! It's called the Popcorn Lip Scrub and it's a sweet and salty tasting scrub. The name is different on mine, since here in Quebec, everything has to be translated in french. I don't know why they didn't call it "maïs soufflé", but whatever. Let get on with the review!

Texture : This lip scrub has a very coarse sugar texture to it. It doesn't seem to have a whole lot in terms of emollient to bond the grains together though, unlike some other scrubs. Therefore, it's kind of messy to pick it up and it can fall all around your lips during exfoliation.

Effectiveness : The effectiveness of this product is definitely the best part. I would say this scrub is quite abrasive if you press hard enough while exfoliating. It does an amazing job to  remove all the dead skin from your lips and make them smooth again. Like I mentioned earlier, there isn't any emollient ingredients in the scrub though, which means that you need to apply a nice hydrating balm afterwards. I like to apply the EOS lip balm after exfoliating if I'm going to wear lipstick, because it's very waxy (I do not like it as a balm in itself but its a nice lip base).

Packaging : All of lush packaging is similar. It's black and white with accents of yellow and green. It's simple and classic. It looks relatively nice, but it's not my favorite. As far as the product itself, it comes in an heavy, sturdy-feeling glass jar which I think works perfectly for the product.

Scent/Taste : I have the Popcorn flavor, which smells salty, but has a definite sweet and salty taste to it. I actually like sweet and salty stuff, but this is a little strong for my taste. I don't mind licking the excess off, but I usually remove most of it with a wet cloth after exfoliating.

Price : 9.95$

Overall : I love this product and use it every single day! I have very dried/chapped lips which have a tendency to become crusty. (gross I know) This has really made a difference in my lips! I can now wear lipstick without it looking ugly and crackly. I wish I had chosen a different flavor though. I'll probably pick up the mint-chocolate one next time. Definitely recommend this product! 9/10

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