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Drugstore and High end Bronzers Review

Hey everyone! My friend from French Gypsy has recently asked me to review the Rimmel Natural Bronzer on my Facebook page so I decided to review it for you all. In fact, I decided that I would review all the bronzers that I own for you all so that I can review them while I compare them!

All the bronzers I own are drugstore except for a deluxe sample from Benefit that I got at Sephora.

The bronzers I'm reviewing today

Wet n Wild - Bikini Contest

Color : The color of this bronzer is quite dark. It almost has a mahogany color to it. It's a dark reddish brown basically. A lot darker than any other bronzers that I own. I would say that it might be a bit too dark for fair skin tones like me, unless you are very careful not to over-apply.

: Like most Wet n Wild products, the powder is very soft and buttery. 

: This bronzer has a definite sheen to it. It's less noticeable when blended out, but you still have a sort of reflective quality to it. It wouldn't be a good choice for contouring, but it looks nice to warm up the complexion during summer time.

: Because the powder is very soft, a lot of product transfers onto your brush during application, which means that you have to be careful and tap your brush of any excess product. Also, the bronzer is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Other than that, it blends out nicely and easily.

: The packaging of this bronzer is probably my least favorite part of this product. It's so much bigger than any of my other powders. It doesn't fit anywhere. To make it worse, the top is domed, which makes it impossible to stack it with other products. 

: 4$

: A nice bronzer that is very affordable, but too dark for me. Also, because it is shimmery, I can't use it everyday. I hate the packaging. 6/10

Benefit - Hoola

Color : This one is a lot less orange in tone than any of the other bronzers. It's a flattering medium brown that I think would suit most skin types if applied properly.

Texture : Hoola, just like the Wet n Wild bronzer, is a very soft and buttery powder.

Finish : It's completly matte, great for contouring if you're fair.

Application : It's very easy to apply and quite pigmented. It applies evenly and blending is easy and quick.

Packaging : Can't really speak for this one, since I have a deluxe sample of it. Therefore, I don't have the actual packaging to review. I know the full size comes in a cardboard cube shaped box, but I've never owned one.

Price : 36$

Overall : Probably my favorite bronzer that I own, but it's far too expensive for my budget. I don't think I will be repurchasing after I finish this sample. 9/10

Marcelle - Tropical Bronze

Color : It's lighter than the other two bronzers I have mentionned before, and also has slightly more of an orange tinge to it.

Texture : It's a bit more powdery than the other two bronzers, but the texture is still quite nice.

Finish : Glittery in the pan, less noticeably so on the skin.

Application : Applies kind of sheer and a bit patchy. Needs to be built up to get the full color payoff. You need to work a bit more with this one to get it even and nicely blended.

Packaging : I like the packaging. It's easy to open and to store. I like the square pan and the sun imprint in the powder.

Price : 12$

Overall : I think that for the price, it's not as good as other bronzers, but it's still a good bronzer. 7/10

Rimmel - Natural Bronzer - Sun Glow

Color : Like the Marcelle bronzer, the Rimmel Natural Bronzer is more of an orangey toned bronzer. It's not too dark so it can be worn even if you have a pale complexion.

Texture : Very soft and buttery.

Finish : This is the most shimmery of the bunch. It has a very noticeable glow to it, even once blended out on the skin. It's nice for a glowy summer look, but might not be the best choice in the winter months.

Application : Since the powder is so soft and pigmented, it applies very nicely. It's easy to blend out and you only need a little bit to see results.

Packaging : I like the round packaging that Rimmel has for their powders because it looks quite nice and it's easy to store in my makeup collection. It is not the most practical though. It doesn't have a mirror and the top doesn't close that tightly meaning that it could open in your bag if you're not careful.

Price : 5$

Overall : I like the shimmer in this one. It's not as easy to wear because of it, but it's perfect for a bronzed goddess kind of look. The color suits my skin tone and really warms it up. Will definitely be using it in the future! 8/10

NYC - Sunny

Color : While very subtle, the color is not too orangey or dark and it looks very nice on the skin. It's easy to pull off, especially if you're fair or uncertain about experimenting with bronzers.

Texture : It's a bit less buttery than other bronzer I have reviewed, but it's also not as powdery as some others. It's somewhere in between.

Finish : Completely matte, a rare find for such a good price at the drugstore!

Application : This one applies the most sheer of all the bronzers I have reviewed today. It can also be a little patchy if you're not careful. You have to build it up if you want to have a more dramatic effect. It is, however, great for beginners, because it's so sheer. It gives a really subtle effect and it's kind of hard to over-do it.

Packaging : The packaging looks and feels kind of cheap and it doesn't withstand time very well. However, it closes very tightly and has a mirror included which is a bonus.

Price : As you can see, this bronzer has been well loved. It was my first bronzer ever, because of the incredible price point. 2.79$

Overall : While it's not the best bronzer in terms of application, the fact that it is a nice color, very inexpensive and matte makes it one of my favorite bronzers, even today. 8/10

Comparison swatches

 That's it for today's review! I hope it has been helpful for all of you looking for a new bronzer! Let me know what you thought of this, would you like more comparison reviews like this one in the future? Also, let me know if there is any other bronzers I should try!

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  1. Bobbi Brown, NARS, Too Faced, and Urban Decay bronzers are my favorite; you should give them a try :) thanks for the swatches!

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Than you for the suggestions! I would looove to try Laguna Bronzer by Nars and Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced, they look gorgeous! Which one do you recommend from Urban Decay and Bobby Brown?



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