Sunday, 8 September 2013

Collective Makeup Haul : Drugstore, Amazon, Winners

Hey everyone! Today I have a relatively small collective haul to share! I got some of stuff off amazon (first time I tried and I was really happy! Fast shipping and everything was intact), and from Winners in addition to the drugstore.

- The peach colored compact is the Stila Duo Highlighter in Kitten that Shaaanxo has been raving about lately in her videos. It was 15$ on so I had to grab it! It's usually around 30$ at Canadian Sephora stores :(

- The Nyx stuff is from also. Some of the drugstores around me do carry NYX products, but none of them have the blushers and the glosses.

- The mascara and gel liner are from the drugstore.

- The Maybelline palette is from We do have Maybelline here in Canada, but I've never seen this palette sold, so I picked it up online. I think it was 7$.

- I got the Ardell lashes at Winners. They don't have them often, but when they do, they're half the price of what I can get them at the drugstore. Love this fun style.


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