Monday, 30 May 2011

Backpacking tips for women

Backpacking tips for women are not that easy to find on the net, especially when looking for beauty related tips. I have searched, but I haven't found that many very useful tips to me, so I decided to make a post about and hopefully help other girls like me that want to stay presentable while backpacking.

1) Makeup wipes are great for refreshing your face on the go. They are small and portable and won't make a mess in your pack like other cleansers could.

2) Perfume : If you want to bring a scent for days in the city/nights out (perfumes wi
ll attract mosquitoes and insects which is why you should stay away from them on treks and in rural areas and minimize the use of all scented products for that matter) you should carry a roll-on perfume (or even a sample size if you have them). They're tiny, light and won't spill.

3) Tinted moisturizer : Instead of bringing foundation, try to use tinted moisturizer to cover imperfections. Foundation will feel too heavy while traveling especially in tropical climates. Since you will most likely tan somewhat, the skin's imperfections will already be less noticeable, but if you need even more coverage, a light concealer should be enough.

4) Heat : Avoid bringing any beauty product that can melt with you such a
s lipsticks and cream blushes. You probably won't wear them anyway! If you want something for a bit of color on your lips, a tinted lip balm with SPF is your best bet! You can bring lip gloss too but I would make sure it has SPF as well because it is reflective and might increase the chance of getting sunburn on your lips. Another great compact option is a lip and cheek stain. They’re compact and multipurpose and they last a long time.

5) Blush : if you absolutely need it, choose powder, but you skin will most likely get a nice flush from the sun quite quickly.

6) Mascara : If you decide that you cannot live without mascara, choose a mascara that is natural looking and preferably waterproof. Since you will be hot will backpacking and it might start raining suddenly, waterproof mascara will ensure that you're eye makeup does not smudge and still looks natural.

7) Shaving : if you run out of shaving cream, use some air conditioner instead. The silky texture of the conditioner will protect your skin while you shave and allow the razor to glide smoothly.

8) Baby powder : If you cannot wash your hair for a couple days for any reason (you do not have access to a shower for example), sprinkle either dry shampoo or baby powder on your roots and let it soak in the oil of your hair for an instant fresher look. Massage it into your roots then comb out your hair and tadah! If that’s still not enough, a scarf or hair band will help camouflage greasy roots.

9) Make up remover : If you have nothing else, Vaseline can be used to remove eye makeup. You can also use it to condition lips, dry heels and knees and elbows.

10) Nails : It’s better not to pack nail polish remover in a bottle when traveling. While you may be able to rescue a pack full of shampoo, nail polish remover will stain and damage your belongings if it leaks. It’s safer to pack nail polish remover pads which are sold often packaged individually for convenience. It not only will protect your things, but it will also save space!

11) Lips : To freshen up chapped lips, you can make your own lip scrub instead of bringing one with you. By combining honey and sugar you will make a nice gentle and natural scrub. You can either pick up sugar packs and honey along the way (free breakfast hostels will often have them) or bring them from home.

12) Hair : When spending a lot of time under the sun and in salt water, your hair will become very dry. A quick tip to fix this is to put leave in conditioner in your ends before hitting the ocean water and to deep condition at least once a week to fight dryness.

13) Packing : Do not pack products that have a pump on them as a general rule (foundation with a cover might be alright) because the pump can get undone and make a mess in your backpack.

By the way, this is my 100th post! Hurray =D All that in 4 months. Not bad, it’s 0.83 posts per day! I have a hard time believing my blog has come this far in such as short time ^^ I’m really proud of what I’ve created so far and I enjoy blogging even more than I ever thought I would!

I hope you enjoyed these backpacking tips for women and that they helped you!


  1. WOW! Merci pour les trucs! Je vais imprimer cette page pour mon prochain voyage!! =D

  2. Yay! Contente de voir que ça sert a quelqu'un! =D j'aurais Voulu unpost de meme pour mon premier voyage, mais j'en trouvais pas lol donc j'en ai ecrit un :p



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