Thursday, 2 June 2011

Favorite beauty products (May 2011)

My favorite beauty products for this month include mostly hair, body, skin and nail products this month. It has been a natural month for me as I’ve sported the no makeup look pretty much every day since I moved.

1 Neutrogena’s Healthy moisture SPF 15 : Been using this moisturizer for three years now! It's perfect for my combination/dry skin, doesn't leave a greasy feeling and has SPF!

2 Chi Silk infusion : I use this every single time I wash my hair. It has got to be one of my favorite beauty products ever! It keeps my ends looking healthy and shiny. I just bought the big bottle because I finished the small size!

3 Aussie 3 minute miracle : It smells amazing (it has a great tropcial scent) and leaves my hair smooth and hydrated! It also makes my hair super soft and the scent lingers ♥

4 Olay Body Wash in Vanilla Indulgence : This is not only moisturizing, but it's also in my favorite scent : vanilla! I never repurchase body washes but this is my 2nd bottle :)

5 Soft lips all natural lip balm : My favorite lip balm! It's citrusey, super smooth and makes my lips really soft. It has the exact shape of a lipstick too which I like.

6 Ardène nail polish in Purple rain : I have talked about the Ardène polishes many times before! Love the formula, adore this nice purple.

7 Wide tooth comb : I use this to comb out my hair gently when it's wet! Then, since my hair is placed I can simply let it hair dry and it doesn't go crazy =D

That's all for this month!

What's your favorite beauty products recently? Tell me in the comments!

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