Friday, 13 May 2011

Review and Swatches : Ardène Polish in Neon Pink

Name : ACO Nail Polish

Colour : A very bright neon pink

Size : 17 mL

Application : Easy and even, does not leave streak marks. Dries quickly and does not bubble up easily. Formula is thin and easy to handle but not so thin that it drips everywhere.

Coverage : Excellent, this is a one coater. If you want it more even though, it’s best to use two coats, but you get the full color in only one coat.

Brush: Standard polish brush, not too thin or excessively large. I have pretty large nails and I can cover my whole nails in three strokes.

Durability: I can hardly comment on durability because since I ran out of top coat, I’ve been using a clear polish to coat my nails to add extra shine. It doesn’t help prevent chipping though, worse it probably accelerates the process since it makes the polish on my fingers thicker. I’ve had it on my toes for 3 days though and no sign of chipping there.

Color : While it might not be unique, I’ve yet to find a neon at the drugstore here in Montreal. This color is bright and fun for summer and different from everything else you can buy at the drugstore. Note that the pictures do not do the color justice, it's a lot brighter in real life :)

Price: 2 for 6$

Pros : Cheap, great coverage, not tested on animals, amazing color.

Cons: Only available in Canada (I think)

Would repurchase? : Definitely, I adore it ♥


  1. One coater really? Mehhh I tried it at the shop (the grey one) and it was so transparent i didn't buy it. Cost is good though. If i put three coats i think it would have been fine. Oh welll i dont really need more nail polish XD but i want some neon orangeeeeeeeeeeeeee and a grey grey grey one

  2. Yea, I would have never thought it would be opaque in one coat! I'm really amazed =D

    It's not like that for all the colors though, the purple needs two coats! I haven't tried the others yet, but now I'm really excited too!

    I bought gray's anatomy from Wet'n'Wild recently (it's a grey with purple and green shimmer) but it's realllly sheer =( It makes my nails look dirty when worn on it's own. I tried it over Revlon Steel her heart (silver/gunmetal grey) though and it's awesome!



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