Wednesday, 4 May 2011

April 2011 Favorites

1) Clean & clear eye makeup remover

You might have noticed from my couple previous hauls that there was always a bottle of the NYC eye makeup remover. While I liked that it does not leave a greasy film over my lids, the bottle is so tiny that I would end up buying some at least twice as often. Also, since the formula isn't oily, you need a lot more to get the job done. Finaly, I also realised that it would dry up the skin around my eyes pretty bad, to the point that I was thinking of buying an eye cream (which wouldn't be such a bad idea, but I simply don't have the budget for that right now!) So I decided to try something new. I picked this one up because it was on sale and I'm very happy I did. It removes all of my eyemakeup much more easily and while it leaves an oily feeling behind which needs to ne wiped off, I don't mind the extra step since it does such a better job! Love it ♥

2) Eco Tools Eye brushes (blending and small flat shading brush)

I love the Eco Tools Eye brush kit very much and I've talked about it many times in the past! These are the two brushes I use most. Most of the time, I can do my looks with no other brushes that these! Awesome right? They are soft, pick up the product well, easy to handle and clean and eco and animal friendly. I absolutely adore them!

3) Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil (milk and black bean)

I purchased this around the end of the month, but I definitely think it is worth a mention in my month's favorites! That's how much I love these. They are creamy and incredibly pigmented. They glide easily on your eye without tugging and are easy to blend out. They are the perfect base for my eyeshadow! I don't even use concealer, or wet shadow anymore and I get better results! I want all the colors 8D

4) Burt's Bees Lemon butter Cuticle cream

Another product I have just purchased. I've been looking for a cuticle cream at the drugstore forever, but couldn't find any. Then, I stumbled upon a trio set that had this baby in it. I love it! It has a lovely lemoney smell and leaves the cuticles nice and moisturised.

5) Merida's Cleansing wipes

Believe it or not, I got these at the dollar store! I tried them before, but didn't think much of them because they were the first wipes I had ever tried. Now that I have tried a couple brands and can compare them, I think they are absolutely amazing for the price! I have tried wipes that were as expensive as 8$ for a pack that were not half as soft as these. They are incredibly soft and each wipe is large enough for your entire face. The scent isn't overpowering either which can bother me with some brands. Anyway, incredible find if I may say so myself!

6) Trèsemmé Fresh start Refreshing mist

This is kind of a hair deodoriser. I use this not to camouflage dirty hair but to refresh my hair and make it smell nice. Since I have moved in with my family, I have had to deal with my hair smelling of smoke because I'm not in a non smoking environment anymore. This product, which has a nice citrus scent helps me get rid of the smell before I head out! I don't mind living in a smoking environment, but I would prefer if my hair did not smell like I'm a smoker myself! This does the job perfectly without changing the texture of my hair or leaving any residue behind =D

7) Ardène nail polish in Neon Pink

For anyone who has known Ardene for a long time, it is easy to remember their old days, when they only sold accessories that were relatively cheaply made. Nowadays, they sell everything from clothes, to shoes, bags, sunglasses, makeup, underwear, etc. So I thought this polish wouldn't be very good, that it would be sheer or hard to apply. I was wrong, this is a stunning one coater in the brightest neon pink shade I have ever seen. I will be wearing it non stop this summer for sure!

8) Clean & clear acne medication

I've never used a spot treatment for my acne before. I never thought it would be that effective! I've only used this for about a week now and pretty much everything is gone. Amazing ♥

9) BH Cosmetics 120 palette 1st edition

Last, but certainly not least, the BH palette I bought this month! I absolutely love this. The colors are really pigmented, not chalky and easy to apply. There are more colors than I could ever have dreamed. I have played with this all the time throughout april. It's amazing!


  1. alot of people have recommend the Clean and Clear make up remover, i haven't tried it yet, but it looks like i should ^_^. and i like NYX's jumbo pencils too, but i only have 1 colour in the baby blue one, but they are o so creamy

    btw im holding a giveaway, if you are feeling lucky, come and sign up~


  2. seriously, i love like all of these favorites! i love clean and clear products, nxy eye pencils are the best, and i love the hair mist! :)

  3. @ Jessy : You should definitely try the remover, it works really well, plus it's super cheap =D And the pencils are like a dream come true, I want the all ^^

    @ Leigh : Glad you like them ^^ I'm really starting to love the clean & clear brand! I used to prefer Neutrogena, but I'm discovering more products and I'm impressed!



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