Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Makeup tips for fair skin!

My friend Frederika recently asked me if I had makeup tips for fair skin, since I'm pretty pale myself. I started writing her a reply, but I soon realised that it would end up being way too long (Wall of text alert!) to post on my facebook wall or even by pm for that matter so I decided I could make a post about it!

Who knows, it might even help someone =p

I'm no expert, but since I'm fair, this is usually what works for me! Hope you enjoy Fred ♥ (and I hope there is at least one thing you didn't know already/I doubt it but it was fun to write anyway!)

My super fair self! (Awesome blurry picture ftw)

1) find out your undertone, the ideal makeup will differ a lot if you are pink, yellow or olive skinned. For example, I am a pink/cool undertone, therefore warm colors such as golds, warm browns and the likes are less flattering on me than blues and purples for example.

2) For a wearable day look, black liner and shadow is generally too overpowering for girls with a pale complexion. Dark browns will looks more natural and softer, less harsh.

3) If you cannot find a color that is pale enough for you in terms of foundations, you can purchase a white foundation (MAC and Makeup Forever make them) and mix some of it with the chosen shade to lighten it up to your complexion.

4) If you prefer lighter coverage, tinted moisturizers are also easy to work with, but rarely come at a lower price point (hard to find at the drugstore, I tried the new Hard Candy tinted moisturizer which is sold at Walmart but it breaks me out, so I have yet to find an effective and cheap one).

5) A subtle flush can really brighten up pale skin, applying a nice pink or coral blush lightly can make any fair girl look healthier and more awake.

6) Bronzer also does wonders for pale complexions and helps camouflage some of the skin uneveness. Be careful not to choose a bronzer that is too dark or it will create a muddy, dirty looking effect on your fair skin. Also remember that any shimmer inside the bronzer will have a tendency to accentuate any uneveness in the skin so it's better to stick to a matte bronzer if you are trying to hide imperfections.


  1. You're welcome ;) I had fun writing it! Keep the ideas coming =p



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